Clean the skin and body with oats


Are you planning a pampering campaign for your body and face these days? So learn about the method of cleaning the skin and body with oats that we will present to you through the next lines, which will give you a wonderful result.

Ingredients for preparing a mixture for cleaning the skin and body with oats

A cup of raw oats

Half a cup of yogurt

Two tablespoons of organic honey

Two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil

How to clean the skin and body with oats

Mix honey and olive oil, then add oats.

Start with the legs and massage your skin with the mixture in circular motions, then go up to the thighs and abdomen, and then rub the hands and forearms.

You can now cleanse the skin of your face by rubbing it in circular motions with the mixture, and do not forget the neck (with movements from the bottom up against the earth’s gravity.

Leave the mixture for a full hour on your body.

Rinse your body with lukewarm water and be careful not to clean it with chemical ingredients harmful to the body (such as shampoo or soap that contain parabens, alcohol, perfumes, because the body’s pores are now open and the body will absorb them quickly.

Benefits of oats for the skin

Oatmeal acts as an excellent exfoliating scrub, removes dead and damaged skin, and aids in the growth of healthy, healthy skin

Lightens the complexion, eliminates pigmentation and dark spots caused by the sun and aging.

It gives the skin freshness and softness, and gives the skin elasticity that enables it to resist harmful factors in daily life, such as cold air and sunlight

Stimulates blood circulation, promotes skin cells regeneration, stimulates collagen secretion, thus combats premature wrinkles, signs of aging, and improves the look of sagging skin

It treats dark circles around the eyes, and gives you a natural glow

Oats relieve skin infections caused by the sun and hot air, especially for people with sensitive skin and young children

Gives tired and exhausted skin a healthy and beautiful look, especially after long work periods

Deeply cleans pores, gets rid of the impurities and sebum accumulated in them, which cause pimples and infections

Oatmeal contributes to reducing itching and burning in the skin, especially in allergy sufferers.

This method of cleaning the skin and body with oats will give you the most wonderful result, smooth, young and renewed skin from the top of your head to the soles of your hands. Are you excited to experiment now!

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