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Moisturizing hands with coffee - Care Beauty

Moisturizing hands with coffee


The hand consists of several tendons and nerves, and the hand contains five fingers through which it allows to sense things around us and in this article we will learn about the ways to moisten the hands with coffee.

Benefits of coffee for the skin

There are many benefits that coffee offers to hands, including the following:

Coffee soothes skin inflammation: coffee contains many antioxidants that relieve inflammation, which also reduce skin redness, and antioxidants help fight inflammation caused by exposure of the skin to bacterial infections from the surrounding environment.

Coffee treats dark circles: coffee helps solve problems around the eye because it has many compounds that soothe the skin.

Coffee eliminates blackheads: coffee deeply cleanses the skin, and coffee helps to remove plaque in the wide pores.

Coffee tightens sagging skin: as coffee contains chemical, natural and plant-based substances and compounds that help tighten sagging skin, caffeine is one of the substances that relieve cellulite in the skin.

Coffee helps repair the skin: coffee supplies the skin with vitamins and minerals that improve the appearance of the skin.

Protect skin from the sun: coffee contains many natural oils that protect the outer layer of skin that is damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Lightening skin tone: coffee helps to distribute melanin pigment in the skin and thus further lightens the dark skin tone.

Coffee removes dead skin cells: coffee exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells and prevents cell oxidation that damages skin cells.

Coffee increases skin hydration: coffee preserves the oils in the skin and works not to evaporate when exposed to the sun.

Natural coffee blends to moisturize skin and hands

Here are the best natural blends to moisturize the skin and hands:

Milk coffee blend to moisturize hands and skin


A quarter cup of ground coffee.

2 tablespoons unsweetened milk.

The method of preparation and use:

We put in a bowl ground coffee.

We add milk to coffee.

We mix the ingredients well together to ensure homogeneity.

Wash skin thoroughly with warm water to open your pores.

We distribute the mixture over the skin and hands thoroughly.

Leave the mixture for up from fifteen minutes to twenty minutes.

Act catcher well with cold water.

Coffee blend to moisturize skin and hands


Three tablespoons of coffee powder.

A tablespoon of ground cocoa.

As desired amount of water.

The method of preparation and use:

We put in a coffee pot.

Add a small amount of money.

Mix the coffee thoroughly with water until it becomes a paste.

We add cocoa to the coffee paste.

Stir the ingredients together until mixed.

Gradually add water and stir the ingredients back together.

Put the dough on the hands and facial skin.

We spread the dough completely on the hands and skin harmoniously.

Leave the paste on the face for thirty minutes.

We wash hands and then face with cold water.

Coffee and olive oil blend to moisturize skin and hands


A tablespoon of coffee.

A tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

The method of preparation and use:

We put in a small pot coffee.

Add olive oil to the coffee.

Mix the ingredients together well.

Wash the skin with water to remove plankton on the skin.

Keep the mixture on the skin or hands.

Leave the mixture on the skin for up from fifteen minutes to thirty minutes.

Rinse the mixture with cold water.

Blend coffee, olive oil and sugar to moisturize skin and hands


A tablespoon of sugar.

Spoon of olive oil.

Tablespoons of coffee powder.

The method of preparation and use:

Put in a bowl all the ingredients.

Mix the ingredients together.

Rejoice the mixture on the hands and cuticles.

We leave the mixture on the skin for fifteen minutes.

Rinse the mixture with lukewarm water.