Treating fine lines and wrinkles

Treating fine lines and wrinkles



Wrinkles are caused by collagen, which is 70% of your body’s protein content.

Young fabric can absorb moisture, and this process of moisturizing and swelling keeps the skin young

It is flexible and looks smooth.

However, due to exposure to the sun, smoking, and natural aging, oxidative damage occurs to the skin, causing it to lose elasticity and moisture Wrinkles and lines form, especially in areas exposed to sunlight, namely the face, neck, and back of the hand.





It is suggested to chew one or two carrots daily, not only to prevent wrinkles, but also because of the chemicals that prevent skin cancer.



Cocoa butter is the main suggestion for preventing wrinkles



It can be used in cooking or in a cup of boiling water


Aloe vera

It is a modern skin care ingredient




Avocado oil’s delightful fragrance is a beneficial moisturizer



It has long been used as a facial oil and part of cosmetics




Even types with seeds can be squeezed in a juicer, then apply the puree to the face as a mask for 15-30 minutes.



Olive oil is used to soften and beautify the skin



Blend the peel and pulp of a whole pineapple in a blender and place the puree on the face for 15-30 minutes

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