Healthy living secrets

Which of us would not want to live a long and healthy life? The list of health tips often includes recommendations such as eating eggs, red meat, fish and offal, taking a cold shower.

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When it comes to healthy living secrets, the first thing that attracts attention is eating habits. Food and drinks consumed during the day have different effects on metabolism. After a solid breakfast in the morning, snacks should be provided and protein-heavy foods should be consumed at lunch and dinner. One of the important secrets of healthy and long life is to consume at least 2.2-5 liters of water during the day.


Despite his young age, he has achieved serious success in the field of cardiology and has the title of one of the fellow licensed cardiologists of Interventional Cardiology in Turkey. Dr. Mohammed Keskin on his social media account healthy he makes life suggestions.

Cardiologist who shares health on instagram ‘kardiobey’ username. Dr. Muhammad Keskin shared 10 things that would keep life long and healthy. From our daily activities to the foods we eat to sports to sleep time, many factors play an important role in healthy living.

10 Things that will keep your life long and healthy without paying attention to anything else:


Eggs, red meat, fish, offalOlive oil, olive oil, vinegarCoffeeNutsForest fruitsYogurt


Cold shower Early and 8 hours sleep

Lifting weight


Previously, everyone had to have in the refrigerator. Assoc. Dr. The list of foods suggested by Muhammad Keskin is as follows:


Red meat


Natural yogurt

Fermented sausage Vinegar

Meat broth

3 Different colors of fruit

3 Different green vegetables

Mineral water

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