Treating facial wrinkles


Facial wrinkles is often the signs of aging and a tiny lines begin to appear on surface of skin and face in the neck area, hands, and facial skin, the cause of the appearance of those wrinkles mostly be a lack of collagen is responsible for the freshness and vitality of the skin.


The emergence of wrinkles is not only limited to women but also shows men, but women are the most search for methods of treatment and prevention because they change the look quenched the freshness of their skin, in addition, they affect the mental state they have, forcing them to search for various methods of treatment, whether surgical or use of medical creams that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, this can be the cause of the exacerbation of the problem due to lack of adequate knowledge of treatments necessary, however there are many therapeutic, safe and inexpensive at the same time.[1]

Causes of the appearance of skin wrinkles


The appearance of skin wrinkles was not limited only to age, but we find women and men in a large number appear wrinkles and be in the prime of life, the appearance of wrinkles have many and varied reasons and from those reasons:-

Getting old

With age, the skin loses a lot of fluid and fat and thus leads to the appearance of cavities in the face and thinning grandfather, as the percentage of collagen secretion responsible for the freshness and elasticity of the skin gradually decreases as the age progresses, and thus appear wrinkles and thin lines in the skin and causes tension and poor psychological


Smoking and alcohol use are among the most important factors in the onset of premature aging, because they break down collagen and elastase, and these substances are the ones that gain skin elasticity and vitality.

Sun exposure

Too much sun exposure without medical sunscreen affects skin elasticity and causes skin spots and pigmentation, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles.

Not drinking water

Lack of water intake in large quantities daily causes the appearance of facial wrinkles, due to dry skin caused by fluid loss.

Contraction of the facial muscle

When the muscles of the face contract and diastole frequently appear wrinkles on the face, as when the face frown constantly appear wrinkles in the front of the face and in the center of the eyebrows, and when laughing and smiling frequently we find that wrinkles appear around the mouth in the form of thin lines.


Not eating unhealthy foods that do not contain the elements and vitamins necessary for skin vitality is a major cause of the appearance of facial wrinkles, especially not eating foods that contain vitamin C and vitamin E, because these vitamins act as natural antioxidants in the body, thus helping not to show signs of aging early.[2]

Lack of exercise

When you do regular exercise wrinkles appear, this is because sports activate and improve blood circulation resulting in blood reaching the skin and regenerating skin cells.

Taking medications

When exposed to anemia or taking medication for any chronic disease, the skin loses its elasticity, freshness, facial expressions and signs of aging.

Genetic factors

Genetic factors are a strong cause and indicator of the appearance of skin wrinkles, as white skin owners are said to be most prone to the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.

Weight loss

When you gain weight and lose it again, sagging of the skin occurs and results in facial wrinkles.

Methods of treating wrinkles naturally

As we mentioned earlier that facial wrinkles have many different causes from case to case, and each case must be diagnosed to find out its cause in order to be treated correctly, but this does not prevent the success of natural treatments and give positive results as medical treatments and natural prevention methods:-

Not too much exposure to the sun and in case of exposure should use and apply a sunscreen that is reliable.

Eating large amounts of water a day about 4 liters, eat fresh juices.

Attendance each day, exercise at least half an hour.

Eating foods that contain a good proportion of the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

Completely prohibit smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Sleep regularly and take enough of the number of hours of continuous sleep.

Use some medicinal creams and therapeutic oils that moisturize the skin.

Early detection and screening work to treat diseases that cause wrinkles such as anemia.

Keep skin clean on a daily basis using a medical soap or lotion to wash and dry gently with a cotton towel.

Avoid using shoddy cosmetics, especially those containing cortisone.[3]

Treatment of skin wrinkles medically

In the present era, medical treatments have evolved in eliminating wrinkles and signs of aging and there are surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments through the use of fillers and injections under the skin and such medical methods :

Botox injections

At the end of the last century appeared the effectiveness of Botox in the treatment of skin wrinkles and get rid of them completely safe, and Botox is considered a safe non-surgical treatment where recognized by the food and drug organization of the United States, and the idea of using Botox injections based on the withdrawal of botulinum toxin, which is extracted from injections every six months.

Filler injection

The filler is a filler that is injected under the skin to fill voids, cavities and thin lines, the filler is completely safe and is injected using a very thin injection needle with the use of a local anesthetic, the process does not last more than half an hour and the patient comes out at the same time na use sunscreen and moisturizing

HIFU device

HIFU technology is based on the shedding of ultrasound waves and penetrating the layers of the skin at an elevated temperature of up to 60 degrees Silesian, resulting in the stimulation of the skin to produce collagen responsible for the revitalization of the skin and eliminate wrinkles, and HIFU is very suitable to eliminate wrinkles on the neck and around the[4]


Laser technology is used to treat wrinkles by shining a laser beam on the affected places, exfoliating dead skin layers, eliminating wrinkles and giving the skin freshness and vitality, and one of the most important features of the laser is its results last for very long periods and does not need to put an anesthetic and go out on the same day, 

Face lift strands

Facelift is a non-surgical and safe cosmetic and therapeutic technique, based on the idea of using a very small special needle with the use of local anesthetic if necessary, and to get smooth and tight skin without wrinkles within a week, but what is wrong with the lines is not to last long, because their duration is not more than three years and


Peeling is also considered one of the techniques used in the elimination of wrinkles, where the idea of peeling is based on the removal of the surface skin layer and dead skin cells and stimulate the skin to produce collagen and there is chemical and cold peeling, and carbon peeling and Crystal peeling, but what disadvantages peeling is that it deals with light conditions and[5]

Face lift surgery.

Use of surgery in the elimination of wrinkles depends of the ancient remedies through surgery and cases of deep and older, the results of the surgery lasts for long periods and can be used throughout the work, and the surgery under general anesthesia.

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