Top 10 stylish adidas jackets for winter 2021-2022

We are on the cusp of the season of big jackets, and it is a golden opportunity to develop our love for those artistic and aesthetic trends and comfort to meet in beautiful harmony, which lasts for 3 months annually, the longevity of the winter season. So it’s important to get the most out of those coats. 

2021 is a particularly exciting year for big jacket fans. But while many are looking forward to high-end luxury, we realized that the adidas luxury winter coats are the most undervalued coats on the market.

From the brand’s arm of Terex that takes on tech-oriented designs that don’t skimp on style, to classic beaded pieces that are perfect for classy layers, adidas’ outdoor apparel collection is upped the ante this season. 

Below is a list of the top 10 coats from adidas, which represent the full spectrum available from Three Stripes, a brand of adidas and consist of three parallel strips.

1- Terrex MYSHELTER PrimaLoft Padded Jacket 

adidas jacket

Made from recycled ocean plastic in collaboration with Parley, this modern jacket is what adidas can do.

2- Terrex Techrock GORE-TEX Pro

adidas jacket

We can’t get past adidas Terrex right now. The new vertical line is proving to be one of the hottest fashion staples for a long time. adidas is offering special offers of tech apparel like this GORE-TEX jacket at a fraction of their previous prices

3- Xploric Down Parka

adidas jacket

Sometimes in the winter we need a coat that is halfway between the comforter and the coat. The overcoat is cleverly ergonomically designed like a pocket flap that is installed diagonally to ward off the wind.

4- Terrex MYSHELTER Snow Jacket

adidas jacket

When a jacket is made for the slopes but looks good enough for city sports, too, you know it’s a winner. This piece features two-layer insulation to fit your body size.

5- Terrex MYSHELTER PrimaLoft Padded Jacket

adidas jacket

Aside from the stunning pale blue, what really drives us about this jacket is that it’s lightweight enough to be a base layer while still providing a level of warmth that would otherwise come from a jacket twice its size.

6- Big Baffle Down Jacket

adidas jacket

Even if a coat has pockets on top, we like that, as we like pockets, and we also like the adidas Babe Baffle Jacket, as it protects us from the cold, and we’re excited to test its limits.

7- Trefoil A33 Trefoil A33

adidas jacket

The A33 Foil Jacket doesn’t fall strictly into the technical category, the vintage Trefoil jacket earning a spot in this roundup on style points alone. It’s a serious feature when you start layering jackets.


8- Travier Wren. Rdy Parka Traveer RAIN.RDY Parka

adidas jacket

As much as we like an oversized coat, we understand that some like to keep things lightweight and layered. The Rain.RDY Parka is the perfect top layer to serve as a fully waterproof protective shell this season.

9- Shmoofoil Coach Jacket

adidas jacket

Designed in partnership with Marc Gonzalez, skate legend Mark Gonzalez, the Shmofoil Coach Jacket is another layer number. Look closely and you’ll see a signature difference on the Trefoil logo.

10- Wales Bonner Anorak

adidas jacket

The Wells Bonner Anwerk collaboration with adidas has entered its third season and we are a long way from reaching the finish line in this collaboration. This season, adidas tackled the unisex Wheels Bonner Anorak with a collection that’s totally versatile