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To enlarge the buttocks and make them prominent in a short period of time, here is the natural secret

To enlarge the butt and make it prominent, there are a set of solutions that can be traced and applied, and although there are some women who prefer to resort to surgery and silicone implants to increase the size of the butt, and despite these operations have achieved their purpose and actually increase the size of the buttocks clearly, the presence of materials Abnormalities in a woman’s body often have side effects and cause health problems, and there is no better than natural ingredients that help achieve an ideal result, and in a short period.


Through your favorite magazine, “The  care Beauty Journal”, we suggest to you, Madam, a variety of tried and guaranteed natural recipes, which will achieve the result you are looking for, and you want, Madam, so do not hesitate to apply it and get the result you want in a short period of time, and you will like it without the need For unnatural substances that will have symptoms in between.


First – a mixture of fenugreek and yeast to enlarge the buttocks:


To enlarge the buttocks, the fenugreek and fenugreek oil are among the most nutrients that help you with this, and weight gain in general, and the fenugreek contains natural antioxidants that prevent the growth of free radicals in the body, and also help soften and soften the skin and skin, and yeast contains beneficial bacteria that help in improve metabolism and stimulate cell growth; And then increase the size of the buttocks.


To enlarge the buttocks, you need:


The ingredients with which the mixture can be prepared are as follows: a tablespoon of instant yeast, two tablespoons of fenugreek oil, two tablespoons of dry fenugreek seeds and an appropriate amount of water.


How to prepare the mixture:


The yeast and fenugreek mixture can easily be prepared to enlarge the buttocks, as follows: Put the fenugreek seeds in a bowl, and pour a cup of water on them; And then raise it on the fire, then leave the fenugreek on the fire until it boils, and then leave it on the fire for three minutes after boiling, then remove the fenugreek from the fire, and leave it until it cools and becomes warm.


Filter the fenugreek by throwing the seeds, and then mix the boiled fenugreek with oil and yeast and stir well until the ingredients are homogeneous. Leave the mixture for two hours until the yeast interacts with the rest of the parts. Wash the buttocks with lukewarm water, which helps in opening the pores; Then dip a piece of cloth in the mixture and rub it on the backside.





Massage the butt with the mixture for ten minutes, taking care to put the mixture on the place of massage constantly whenever it dries up from the skin. Do not wash the buttocks and leave it with the mixture from night to morning; And then wash the place with cold water.


Secondly – Vaseline and olive oil to enlarge the buttocks:

Olive oil is one of the oils that contain a large amount of minerals and vitamins that nourish the body, and it helps to enlarge the buttocks when smoking the area, and Vaseline helps to soften the skin and prevent cracking of the skin at the buttocks; And then allows the skin to stretch when the size of the buttocks increases without the appearance of cracks and longitudinal lines that may affect the skin.


To enlarge the buttocks, you need:


To enlarge the buttocks and make it more prominent in a feminine way, there are many tried and trusted mixtures, of which this is one of them, and you will need: a tablespoon of medical Vaseline, an appropriate amount of water enough to make a hot steam bath, and a quarter of a cup of olive oil.


How to prepare a recipe for buttock augmentation:


A mixture of Vaseline and olive oil can be prepared to enlarge the buttocks in the following ways: Put the water in a pot on the fire and leave it until it boils. Put the Vaseline in a smaller pot with sides; And then put it over the pot of water on the fire until the steam rising from the water melts the Vaseline.


remove Vaseline from the fire; Then mix three tablespoons of olive oil on it and stir well until a cream-like consistency is obtained. Wash the backside with warm water; And then grease the buttocks with Vaseline and olive oil for a quarter of an hour with continuous massage.


After completing the massage session with the mixture, the buttocks are washed with cold water, and the recipe is repeated three times a week to obtain satisfactory and quick results in butt augmentation after several weeks.


Third – Wheat germ recipe for buttock augmentation:


wheat germ mixture


Wheat germ oil is one of the useful oils, which helps to increase the size of the buttocks and buttocks, and the benefit of the oil increases when mixed with the ground fenugreek and grease the buttocks and buttocks with this mixture, which also helps to soften and improve the texture of the skin in the hansch area.


To enlarge the buttocks, you need these ingredients:


The recipe can be prepared using simple natural ingredients available at home, and it does not cost you much, as you will need two tablespoons of wheat germ oil, two tablespoons of ground fenugreek seeds, a teaspoon of yeast and a large glass of water.

How to prepare the recipe:


The mixture can be prepared at home easily to quickly enlarge the buttocks, as follows: Dissolve the ground spoon of the fenugreek in the water in batches so that it does not collect in small lumps, stir well, then raise the water on the fire and stir the fenugreek on the fire until it boils, and its texture begins to change to become thicker.


remove the mixture from the fire; Then add wheat germ oil and yeast to the pot and stir well. Prepare the buttocks by washing the place with lukewarm water until the cells open; Then a little of the mixture is placed after its heat has gone.

Massage the place for a quarter of an hour while continuing to apply the mixture whenever the place dries, leaving the mixture on the buttocks for two hours; And then wash the area with lukewarm water and repeat the recipe twice a week to get tangible results.


Important tip:


Thus, we have provided you with simple and important natural recipes to enlarge the buttocks, which help in increasing the size of the hanch, such as the recipes of olive oil, fenugreek, wheat germ oil, yeast and other natural recipes that help increase the size of the butt, and to obtain a distinctive result that you can maintain for about a month.



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