Take care of your skin like Angelina Jolie

Angelina jolie

As one of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina Jolie is keen to always appear with bright and glowing skin, by following a daily skincare routine, as well as some natural mixtures and recipes.

Angelina jolie

Angelina believes a lot in the look of a natural face with a color of lip gloss close to their color and a black dress with only red lipstick. Angelina is the lady of simplicity and poignant looks, and the owner of the advice “Make your beauty routine as natural and simple as possible.”

To enjoy clear and pure skin as possible, you can take advantage of the advice of the international star Angelina Jolie:

Sunscreen and moisturizing the skin in the morning:
– The star Angelina Jolie considers sunscreen to be essential to maintain long-term youthful skin, especially if the woman started using it at a young age, because the sun’s rays Over time, it leaves many harmful effects on the skin, including early wrinkles, fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and pigmentation.

Cleaning the skin with a gentle wash:

The second advice from the international star, to maintain a clear, pure skin free of grain, is to clean the skin well using a gentle wash on the skin, where antioxidant preparations are used, and sometimes glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acid are used.
Most of all for Angelina Jolie, make sure you remove all traces of makeup from your face and neck before you go to sleep.

Little makeup and replace it with natural products:
Angelina Jolie avoids exfoliating products and lotions that contain a lot of chemicals and replaces them with natural products. She also tries to appear without makeup as much as possible and is keen to moisturize her skin constantly.
There is no doubt that the excessive application of makeup leaves over time harmful effects on the skin, so the star Angelina Jolie advises all women to use very little makeup, which maintains the health and freshness of the skin.
Angelina Jolie is satisfied with applying concealer in the eye area to camouflage dark circles, a problem that most women suffer from in general and stars in particular.

And she never wears makeup, except when working, and this is another reason for her wonderful skin appearance. She also mastered removing make-up the right way. And her beautician is very careful about what she puts on Angelina’s skin and takes care of her on the job.

Sun Pigmentation Reduction and Skin Treatments:
Despite reaching the age of forty-six, the star Angelina maintains the glow and beauty of her skin without resorting to excessive skin treatments, which we know are very many.

She advises women to use skin treatments within a narrow range to prevent any negative effects they may leave on the skin later on.

She confirms that, from time to time, she resorts to laser treatments to lighten dark areas on her face, specifically the IPL technology.

In one of her media interviews, international star Angelina Jolie said: “During my pregnancy, some areas of my face became darker than usual, so I used to treat IPL from time to time.”

Angelina added to InStyle magazine that she does light laser resurfacing along with IPL.

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