Tips for choosing the right sanitary pad for you

When you have your period, you need to make sure that you get the right type of sanitary napkin that provides you with good absorption with no leakage, and is also comfortable for you without causing you any itching in the sensitive area, and in this article we will give you information to help you choose The type of sanitary napkin that is right for you, and to learn more, you should continue reading this article.


Choose a sanitary napkin

We offer you ways to choose the right sanitary pad for you.

There are three important things to note when choosing a sanitary pad:

1. Absorption:

One of the most important elements of a good sanitary napkin is its ability to absorb a large amount of blood in a short period of time, and it should also be secured to absorb the blood in the center, avoiding the chance of it refluxing when it is pressed (eg when sitting).

  • One way to know whether the sanitary pad is well absorbed or not, is by observing the color of the blood on the surface of the pad when it changes.
  • On the contrary, if the color appears reddish, it indicates that the blood has been absorbed effectively so that it makes you feel dry, which makes you confident and able to do all the activities you want without worrying because of the menstrual cycle.


2. Length and Flow:

The drainage of blood is usually thick at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, so it is necessary to choose a sanitary napkin that has the ability to absorb this heavy flow, and therefore sanitary napkins were classified as day or night, as the morning pads are about 17 cm to 25 cm long, while the night is Their length is 35 cm or more.

  • Night sanitary pads have additional features such as hip guards and leakage prevention, and their shape is proportional to the body’s features during sleep.

3. The constituent materials:

There are types of sanitary napkins, such as cotton or plastic, and the skin of every woman is different from the other. Some women prefer a soft texture, while others may prefer the upper layer to be made of plastic, and therefore the type of material affects the extent of ventilation.

  • According to tests conducted at Kao Laboratories in Japan, it was found that the sanitary napkin is in contact with the sensitive area, increasing the humidity to 85% or higher, making the skin moist, and very sensitive.

note :

  • In addition to skin problems, menstrual blood and sweat tend to make the skin wet and sticky on heavy flow days, giving a feeling of suffocation and extra moisture.
  • On light flow days, moisture levels are lower but the constant itching of your skin with a sanitary napkin can lead to chafing, causing redness and itching.
  • Therefore, you should be careful to choose the right type of sanitary napkin for you and the right time for the time you want so that you do not suffer from any of these unwanted problems

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