Cancer prevention and early detection tests

Cancer prevention Welcome to the followers of the Cancer prevention and an overview of chemotherapy treatment for cancer before its eradication. In 2018, about 18 million people were diagnosed with cancer, and more than half of them died.


Cancer prevention

Cancer is the uncontrollable growth and spread of cells. This disease can affect almost all parts of the body.

Cancer is defined as an abnormal growth of tissue in the body, so it affects different types of organs, and symptoms usually differ according to the affected organ or tissue.

There are general symptoms that may appear with the presence of the disease, such as weight loss, loss of appetite and high temperature, but these symptoms, of course, do not mean the presence of cancer, as they may accompany any other disease.

And sometimes even the psychological state may cause similar symptoms, so it is not possible to diagnose the disease except after a comprehensive medical examination, medical examinations and confirmation of tissues by taking a sample or biopsy of tissues for examination under a microscope. Wikipedia

1. Breast cancer prevention

The second cause of death from cancer worldwide. Every woman aged forty years or more needs to go get a mammogram. Even if no one in the family has cancer.

The x-rays are repeated in the same place every year, and a copy of the films is always left with them.

If there is a history of disease in the family, they need to do at least a BRCA genetic analysis. In America, we do twenty-three jin.

2. Colon cancer prevention

50 years of age when colon cancer screening begins. I need a binoculars even if there are no symptoms. And according to the result, you need to repeat it once every three for ten years.

The cologurad analysis is not enough, and unfortunately, people use it instead of a colonoscope, and this is wrong and harmful.

The endoscopy is not only a diagnosis, but a treatment at the same time. If a polyp is found, it will remove it and prevent cancer, God willing.

3. Prostate cancer prevention

Prostate analysis, there is no agreement when it works, but it can start at the age of fifty.

If there is a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, a genetic analysis should be done. I have patients in their twenties with prostate cancer.

4. Lung cancer prevention

The most famous type of cancer and kills about two million people annually. The numbers increase in third world countries and decrease in developed countries due to smoking.

A low dose CT scan of the chest for every smoker, one pack per day for 30 years, or two packs for 15 years or more. The
whole world has reduced smoking, except for the Arab countries.

Smoking increases the risk of developing nearly twenty different types of cancer. The best way to stop smoking is once, as they say in America (cold turkey). Staging or less tar cigarettes are all nonsense.


5. Liver cancer prevention

Anyone with chronic hepatitis needs at least an ultrasound and an AFP analysis with follow-up.

Treatment is available and a high cure rate, God willing. Fatty liver is one of the important diagnoses, not like time.

Reducing weight and some diets such as the keto diet can reduce the percentage of fat in the liver.

After a cancer diagnosis

Finally, after the diagnosis of cancer, a team of surgeons, chemists, therapeutic, diagnostic, and pathologists must work together.

Here there is a tumor board almost daily in a community for an hour where we discuss cases and see radiology and pathology.

The treatment plan is not always surgery first. Too often, we start with themazi or chemo with radiotherapy before surgery. Follow-up after diagnosis and treatment is important.


Prevention is better than cure

Talk to your friends, family and neighbors. I do x-rays and analyzes this week, not six months.

Prevention is better than cure. Do not listen to the words of municipal and herbal recipes, there are no studies that prove this.

Recently, one word has spread about a conspiracy by drug companies. Follow the evidence based medicine.
And last but not least, pray for the sick and may God reveal the affliction and disease from every one