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The strangest causes of heart disease

Heart disease has recently become the first cause of death in many countries of the world and the Arab world, so heart disease has been classified as one of the most dangerous diseases that affect humans due to the serious complications it causes, the most dangerous of which is sudden death.



The causes that lead to heart disease are many and varied. Either a person may develop heart disease as a result of other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, or other factors and causes may cause him to develop the disease. The causes of heart disease are known to most people, but There are other factors that lead to heart disease that may be surprising to know because most do not know them.



1 – Lack of movement:


Everyone knows that lack of movement is wrong if you want to get fit or have a graceful body, but did you know that lack of movement in the long term causes heart disease?






With the development of life in recent times, everyone has become dependent on cars, even for simple trips, and there are many jobs that have become dependent on sitting for long periods without making any physical effort, which in the long run causes heart disease, such as increased fat on the heart and hardening of the arteries. The solution is to try to make a physical effort, even if simple, on a daily basis, to increase the activity of the heart.

Sleep disorders:


Scientific studies have shown that people who suffer from sleep disorders and do not sleep enough are more likely to develop heart disease, specifically heart attacks. On the health of the heart, and the solution is to sleep regularly and try to relax without thinking about the responsibilities and obligations that keep the mind alert all the time.



3 – Psychological stress:


People who suffer from constant stress and acute psychological stress fall prey to heart disease, as continuous psychological stress leads to high blood pressure, which results in heart disease, and people who experience many emotions and suffer from anxiety and tension put themselves at risk of heart attacks. , sudden death, and the solution recommended by cardiologists is to avoid stress and stay away from it as much as possible.



4- Health of the gums and teeth:


Cardiologists have recently discovered that diseases of the gums and teeth affect the heart greatly, as people with gum and teeth diseases not only stop bacteria and microbes in the mouth, but also spread throughout the body until they reach the heart through the blood. These microbes infect the heart with serious diseases, such as these microbes and bacteria reaching the heart valves and arteries, and they have serious complications, so dental hygiene has become an indispensable necessity not only for dental health, but even for heart health as well.

5 – Vitamin D deficiency: Doctors say that people who suffer from a deficiency in vitamin D are more likely to develop heart diseases than others, as a lack of vitamin D may result in serious heart attacks, and to increase vitamin D, the patient must consult a specialist doctor, to determine what He needs it.



6 – Continuous stress: People who suffer from constant stress in their work expose themselves to heart attacks and strokes, as physical and mental stress has a negative effect on heart health, and the solution recommended by doctors is to try to create a good psychological state from time to time to avoid stress as much as possible. As much as possible, and this comes by avoiding stress for a while, even if it is simple. The important thing is that there is a break between stress.

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