Ten 10 common causes of abdominal pain

Stomach torment is the most common term for symptoms affecting the abdominal wall or the organs inside the abdomen. People do not feel their stomachs, in the normal situation, and therefore every abdominal pain requires review, diagnosis and appropriate treatment.



The nature of the abdominal pain, the location of the abdominal pain, the duration and times of the occurrence of the abdominal pain are determined, according to the source that causes the appearance of the abdominal pain and according to the type of disease in it.





Usually, when the abdominal pain is in the upper part of the abdomen, or the pain in the lower abdomen is from the right side or from the left side, this indicates that the cause of the abdominal pain lies in the organ located inside the abdomen, in the area that the patient feels in the abdominal pain; For example, pain caused by ulcers (Ulcer) is characterized by the appearance of pain in the upper central abdomen (Epigastric agony).





As for the pain caused by a disease in the gallbladder sac, it is in the right side of the upper part of the abdomen, and abdominal pain caused by appendicitis (An infected appendix) appears in the right side of the lower part of the abdomen.





The nature of the abdominal pain, whether it is spasmodic or unclear pain, and the duration of the abdominal pain – which ranges between short periods of time, or may extend for long hours at other times, both of them contribute to knowing the cause of the abdominal pain.



Disturbances in the proper functioning of the small intestine or colon cause spastic pain. When there are disturbances in bowel movement, the steady intestinal contractions responsible for the advancement of the bowel content, which characterize an empty bowel, are imperceptible. Increasing the intensity of contractions in order to overcome a partial or complete obstruction, or in order to actively push out large amounts of contents, as in people with acute intestinal infection, leads to spasms. On the other hand, abdominal pain caused by inflammatory diseases appears as undefined pain, and it is continuous.



There are abdominal pains that do not require special attention, while there are other abdominal pains, in particular, that must be paid attention to, and we mention ten of them known reasons



1- Viruses




2- Food poisoning





3- Constipation





4- Medicines





5- Stomach ulcer





6- Gallstones




7- Kidney stones




8- Pollution in the urinary tract




9- Lactose intolerance




10- Appendicitis

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