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the secret between lack of sleep and the ability to focus

American scientists confirmed that a mutation in one of the genes allows some people to regain their activity and get enough rest without the need for long hours of sleep.


Most people need at least six hours of continuous sleep to restore their activity and ability to focus, but US researchers discovered the existence of a “genetic variable” in some people that makes little sleep enough to restore their activity and carry out their daily duties.


According to the study conducted by researchers at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia on 100 pairs of twins, and its results were published in the scientific journal “Sleep”, it was found that the twins who carry a copy of this variable gene “BHLHE41” averaged about 5 hours of sleep at night only, i.e. less About an hour ahead of their peers who do not carry this genetic variant.


The researchers confirmed that the twins who had this genetic variant “BHLHE41” missed 40% less in the concentration test, after depriving them of 38 hours of sleep, and they needed only 8 hours to recover full activity after completing the experiment, while their peers who did not carry this variant. Genie to 9.5 hours to recover.


Scientists found that the genetic variant does not give its owner a different quality of sleep, but rather helps regulate the internal biological clock, so that its number decreases to reach a quality of sleep that gives better memory and better recovery of physical and mental activity. According to Prof. Professor “Timothy Morgenthiral,” President of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the need for sleep is linked to a biological factor and is not subject to the personal desire of the individual.

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