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The perfect way to peel garlic..according to chefs

Whether you’re cooking shrimp, a delicious chicken stew, or making a lemon salad dressing with herbs, adding garlic to it makes every dish more delicious, except that it has many potential health benefits as well, but the only problem is the way to peel the garlic.


And it’s not just that removing every single piece of garlic is tedious and time-consuming, but it also tends to stick to your fingers, making it more difficult.


And while you can buy some pre-peeled garlic or powder at the store, you’re no doubt sacrificing the rich, sweet flavour, but the good news is that there’s a chef-approved way to peel garlic easily, and that’s the crush.


How to use the crush method


To get started, remove one clove from a head of garlic, and place it on a cutting board with the root tip facing you. for you.


Using the heel of your hand, strike the flat side of the knife down on the garlic clove. If necessary, you can press the blade down again. The garlic clove should be crushed a little, and the peel is sorted out in this way. You can then peel it easily, and then you can repeat this process for any Additional cloves required by your recipe.





Why crushing method is the best


One of the reasons chefs like this method, is that you don’t need any special tools or equipment, you just need a quality cutting board and knife, and this method is a good one to follow to keep your workflow going while preparing recipes, and there’s no need to stop and search about other things.

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