For 120 days, a new Italian technology to keep pasta “fresh”

For 120 days, a new Italian technology to keep pasta “fresh”

Italian pasta takes a lot of effort and time to knead, shape and cook until fully cooked, yet stays fresh for a few days, ranging from only 2-3 days, which has left Italian researchers desperate to make it last longer.


But a scientific team from Italy has worked to develop a perfect technology, which makes the pasta stay about 30 days as fresh as the first day it was made. While processed pasta has a shelf life of between 30 and 90 days, an experiment found that the new method allows fresh pasta to last up to 120 days.


How was the pasta shelf life developed?


This research came from pasta factories, which want to extend the shelf life of their product, after many buyers reported that some types spoil quickly Refrigerate, especially stuffed types like ravioli, as they are more susceptible to bacteria.


She stressed that modern technology helps to avoid food waste, through the use of an innovative technological solution, so most of the fresh pasta sold today is produced using heat treatment, which is similar to the “pasteurization” of pasta, where the pasta is stored in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). , with oxygen removed and replaced with other gases inside a plastic package, and sometimes chemical preservatives are added, too, to help prevent fresh pasta from spoiling.





The new process, which avoids artificial ingredients, alters the proportion of gases (MAP) and the range of plastic films used in pasta packages, to better control the growth of bacteria, and the Italian researchers added a multi-strain probiotic mix, to limit bacteria growth.

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