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The names of foods increase intelligence - Care Beauty

The names of foods increase intelligence


Foods that increase intelligence and strengthen memory

Your mind is the controller of your whole body and is responsible for movement, Feeling, Heart regularity and breathing in addition to thinking so you should always think about improving it, increasing its concentration and strengthening memory .

The foods you eat play a big role in maintaining your brain’s health and improving its mental functions such as memory and concentration there are a range of foods that may help the brain perform its daily tasks better and may help your brain grow and increase intelligence in the long run, including :

Fatty fish or salmon

Fatty fish is one of the best foods that nourish the brain because they are rich sources of useful omega-3 acids, about 60% of your brain is fat and half of these fats are omega-3, which is used to build brain cells and nerves .

These fats are essential for learning and memory as well as they may slow down age-related mental decline and help ward off Alzheimer’s disease and their deficiency leads to fatigue, memory impairment, learning impairment, mood swings and depression .

Studies have shown that people who regularly eat fish have more gray matter in their brains, which contains most of the neurons that control decision-making, memory and emotion .examples of fish rich in omega-3 are salmon, sardines, tuna and halibut.


Coffee contains caffeine and antioxidants that help your brain a lot, the caffeine in coffee increases alertness and keeps your brain’s attention by preventing adenosine from flowing, a chemical compound that makes you feel sleepy, as well as improving mood

It enhances certain neurotransmitters such as serotonin that make you feel happy in addition to sharp concentration: one study found that when drinking coffee, tasks are performed more effectively and in the long run, Coffee also reduces the risk of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease due to the antioxidants rich in coffee .


Berries contain a range of plant compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects such as anthocyanins, which counteract oxidative stress and inflammation that can cause brain aging and neurodegenerative diseases .

These antioxidants also help improve communication between brain cells in addition, berries help improve memory and may even delay short-term memory loss .

It also contains a high content of flavonoids, an antioxidant that has antihistamine and antimicrobial properties that improve memory and improve mood.


Turmeric contains curcumin, which benefits cells, is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and works to improve memory in people with Alzheimer’s disease and to remove amyloid plaques that characterize the disease.

In addition to it relieves depression it promotes serotonin and dopamine which are responsible for improving mood in addition to it helps the growth of new brain cells as it promotes growth hormone and neurotrophic factor derived from the brain and may also help delay age-related mental deterioration .


Broccoli contains useful plant compounds such as antioxidants and a very high content of vitamin K. This vitamin is used to form sphingolipids, a type of fat that is found densely in brain cells

There are several studies that have proven the link between vitamin k and memory improvement in addition to it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that help protect the brain from damage . All other leafy vegetables, such as spinach, are sources that help protect against age-related problems and cognitive deficits .

Pumpkin seeds

Containing pumpkin seeds on the antioxidant and are a rich source of magnesium, iron, zinc and copper, two essential elements for brain health

Zinc: an essential component of nerve signals that affect Alzheimer’s, depression and Parkinson’s disease

Magnesium: it is necessary for memory and the development of learning skills , and possible deficiency of magnesium element may lead to various neurological problems

Copper: copper is used to control nerve signals and the ratio imbalance may lead to a risk of neurodegenerative disorders , such as Alzheimer’s disease

Iron: iron deficiency leads to brain fog and impaired brain function .

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, caffeine and antioxidants that are important for the brain and are found in areas of the brain that deal with learning and memory, which help boost memory and slow age-related mental decline, as well as help improve mood .


All nuts are useful for the considered walnuts and the best among them as it contains omega-3 fatty acids

In addition to the many nutrients that are characterized by all of the nuts such as healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamin E loss an important role in improving cognition and preventing neuro-degenerative diseases plus they are memory

Vitamin E also protects cell membranes from damage, which helps slow mental decline and also contains vitamin B6, which helps produce serotonin and norepinephrine, two of the chemicals that transmit signals in the brain .


Oranges contain vitamin C which helps prevent mental decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease increase brain function and memory vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight damage to brain cells and helps in long-term brain health .


Eggs contain many vitamins such as B6 and B12, folate and choline and uses choline to produce acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and memory

There have been several studies that have linked higher choline intake to improved memory and mental function and vitamin B helps slow the progression of mental decline in older people and reduce and decrease lead to depression .vitamin B12 helps in the manufacture of brain chemicals and regulate sugar levels in the brain.

Green tea

Green tea contains caffeine that enhances brain function and improves alertness, performance, memory and concentration as well as L-Theanine, an amino acid that increases the activity of the neurotransmitter GABA that helps reduce anxiety and relaxation

In addition, it is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants that may protect the brain from mental deterioration, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and also help improve memory 


Contains avocado contains high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids may help in maintaining the health of nerve cells in the brain and also contains 20 different types of vitamins that help in the growth of the mind and enhance the memory and intelligence it is one of the foods that increase the intelligence of the child .


Legumes contain the perfect combination of complex carbohydrates and protein that helps stabilize glucose levels and reduce fatigue as well as their important role in the growth of the mind and some may think that it falls under foods that increase stupidity and this is not true as legumes help the mind to be alert and increase concentration .