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Damage to much vitamins - Care Beauty

Damage to much vitamins


Dangerous excess of vitamins

People sometimes use multivitamins (Multivitamins), which is a dietary supplement containing a lot of vitamins, as it is used for the purpose of securing the need of the body and that the person gets from food, as some take it in order to treat the lack of vitamins caused by both digestive problems, pregnancy, malnutrition, some diseases, and others, but you should pay attention to the need vitamin D, as the excess amount In addition, in pregnancy there is also a dedicated dose of them, and in the following overdose damage of vitamins: 

The appearance of side effects: taking some types of vitamins in large quantities may lead to some temporary damage, in simple cases such as diarrhea, constipation, or stomach disorders, but these symptoms end quickly when the body gets used to the dose it takes, but you should pay attention to the need to refer to the specialist doctor if these symptoms persist or increase

The occurrence of problems for people in some cases: as there are some cases where you should pay attention and stay away from taking vitamins, an example of which we find allergies, as those who suffer from allergies is very dangerous to eat them, it can show symptoms such as itching, difficulty breathing, dizziness, and rash, and those who suffer from a lack of B12 vitamins, known as pernicious anemia lead to significant nerve damage.

Interaction with some drugs: taking these vitamins with some other drugs may lead to a change in the effectiveness of these drugs, or increase the possibility of side effects, so it is preferable for those who take these drugs not to take with them vitamins in large quantities such as antacids, bisphosphonates, some types of antibiotics, and thyroid drugs, as they may conflict with vitamins that possess iron, and drugs as well as those that act as an antiepileptic, as

Harm of vitamins on the kidneys

Vitamins are present in many different types of food, as the human is eating them every day, and there are people taking vitamins in the form of a dietary supplement, but it is not known that many individuals do not know that vitamins while ingested in large quantities may lead to damage to the kidneys, especially when the body gets rid of them through:

Vitamin (C): many of this vitamin may lead to formation of kidney stones, as had the person feels a burning sensation in the urine. 

Vitamin D: an increase in vitamin D in the body may also cause kidney stones to form very quickly, as it leads to calcification of various tissues in the body.

Vitamin B12: too much vitamin intake may worsen kidney function, especially in kidney patients.

Harm of vitamins on children

Although many supplements are from natural sources, this does not mean that they will be safe in all cases, and many types of vitamins have not been tested on children to make sure that they are not dangerous, due to the lack of development of the organs of the entire body of children, so the side effects of some vitamins can vary in children and: 

Vitamins can interact with types of medications, or they can cause bad side effects.

Some vitamins are produced from herbs of poor quality, or may be made from a combination of contaminated substances, which can harm the child when taking them.

It is possible to give (probiotics) to children, as it may not lead to risks, but as a result of the lack of scientific evidence for this, especially when used for a long time, children with diseases should not take it.

There is a set of studies that have proven that a large number of children are taken to the emergency body due to taking vitamins without consulting a doctor, or it can happen as a result of taking supplements specific to adults in large quantities that do not fit their body.

Symptoms of increased vitamins and minerals in the body

Taking vitamins is one of the daily routines followed by many people around the world, and although the majority of them contain safe doses to use, many people eat too much, and there are multiple recommendations not to eat too much with some specific nutrients, in those cases this becomes very dangerous, and in the following symptoms that individuals may experience when: 

Vitamin (C): although some benefits, but large quantities of it can affect the gastrointestinal tract, causing cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

Vitamin B3: niacin is taken as nicotinic acid, which can cause high blood pressure, poor eyesight, or abdominal pain.

Vitamin B6: It is pyridoxine, where prolonged heavy consumption can lead to skin lesions, severe neurological symptoms, nausea, or photosensitivity.

Duration of taking vitamins

In general, many experts and doctors advise taking supplements and vitamins in the morning after breakfast, and often this method is the daily dose, as it is written on the bottle or product in case it is purchased, and the goal of taking vitamins after breakfast is not only to stimulate their absorption, but also the main reason for this is to stop