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The most powerful way to get rid of mouth odors

A recent American study confirmed that apples are one of the most powerful natural means of getting rid of the smell of garlic, spices, and other bad breath, in addition to lemon juice, parsley, mint, spinach, and green tea, which are effective.


Great for eliminating unpleasant odors.


Allyl methyl sulfide is one of the compounds of garlic. It is a gas that is absorbed into the blood during emulsification of garlic, and then moves from the blood to the lungs and from there to the mouth, causing an unpleasant odor during breathing or sweating. And she was rewarded


The study was a clinical trial on a number of participating volunteers. They ate raw garlic, then tried a number of foods that help eliminate bad breath after eating garlic, to monitor the effect of any of the foods that were eaten.


Trying it has a strong effect in eliminating the smell of garlic.


The study found that apples are among the most powerful foods that have an effective effect after eating garlic, whether raw or cooked in meals. It was found that apples have a high ability to reduce the effect of the enzymes present in garlic and remove the resulting odor.


As reported on the British Daily Mail website.

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