Acupuncture is an effective treatment for depression

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for depression




A psychological study revealed that treatment for depression with acupuncture or by a specialist grants recovery within 3 months for every third person suffering from this condition, while treatment within a group suffering from the same condition benefits only every fifth person suffering from it.

Regarding this matter, scientist Hugh Macpherson from New York University stated that until recently, treatment with acupuncture did not seem convincing, but he pointed out the need to pay attention to treatment in this way and take it seriously, although he also pointed out that there is no harm in trying other therapeutic methods. 755 volunteers suffering from two moderate and severe cases of depression underwent this study, and they were distributed into 3 groups. 302 of them were treated through 12 acupuncture sessions, and a similar number only visited the psychological consultant, while the rest (151 volunteers) tried to continue treatment in a traditional way. After 3 months of study, the indicators that show the extent of depression decreased from 16 on average among the volunteers to 9 degrees in the first group, 11 in the second group, and 13 in the third, noting that the measurement standard for determining the level of depression ranges from 0 to 27.



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