The most important causes of continuous hair loss and how to treat it


As is known, whenever people dense be the most beautiful, and that’s why a lot of ladies are seeking to get a attractive hair and avoid his fall, and looking for reasons that lead to hair fall, and trying to avoid them in ways that help to intensify the hair and improve its appearance and limit the hair loss continued to earn view special. 

In this topic we will touch on the most important causes of severe and persistent hair loss, how you can avoid these causes and how to treat hair loss naturally and chemically

Hair loss can occur at any age, not as some women think, and in most suits a lot of women notice the phenomenon of hair fall at the age of 45. 

And causes of hair loss are endless :

A disruption in the natural cycles of hair growth

Taking some medicines also plays an important role in hair fall

The ecological climate in which you live

Your mental health.

Some diseases of the hair scalp and a lot more.

And for hair loss some small details that need attention:


Is there a large amount of hair on your pillow when you was in the morning?

Does hair fall out more than usual when combed?

Do you notice a drop in the price from its styling?

Is there thinning in the thickness of the hair?

1. What are the causes of hair loss

Use of harmful chemical preparations

  Many of us use chemical preparations without knowing that their frequent use weakens hair follicles and makes hair loss a lot, and this without any medical attention, and among these preparations such as hair dyes, creams, and hair stabilization preparations and there are some drugs that contain substances that weaken the hair and cause its fall, and among them drugs inflammation, antidepressants, blood pressure


Hair loss and hereditary baldness

Hereditary alopecia is the first cause of hair loss, a natural condition caused by heredity


Attractive hair loss

Shopping, the gravitational for is usually caused by wrong habits, such as attracting people violently and aggressively, thereby promoting hair and scalp and makes them not able to afford the hair follicles, which leads to its fall and hair fall from the roots


Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata caused by a defect in the immune system My where the cells of the immune system (ie white blood cells) attack the hair follicles to become weak and unable to produce more hair


Tinea head or ringworm head

Ringworm scalp disease, a disease caused by some fungi that lead to hair loss and empty circles on the scalp, often these circles are irritated and itchy. Ringworm disease spreads easily through direct contact, so the patient had to limit the family’s need to use his tools. 


Crappy hair loss

Crappy hair loss is a temporary hair loss that often results in the mental health of women such as stress, trauma or traumatic events, and occurs frequently in the upper part of the scalp, and the most popular of all is crappy hair loss after childbirth. And is often temporary and hair grows back. Crappy hair loss can last up to 6 months. 

2.The most important treatments to reduce hair loss

Many of us are exposed to the problem of hair loss, which results from the reasons we have mentioned before, and those affected by this problem seek to find immediate solutions to it, either resort to medical consultation and take the appropriate medications, or to use natural recipes nourishing hair, so we will introduce you in this article on the method of treatment


Treatment of hair loss in natural ways

Yes, hair can be treated in natural ways. :

– Proper nutrition of hair : 

For intensive hair growth, it needs protein, which plays an important role in its growth, so be sure to eat foods rich in proteins such as fish, eggs, meat, and cotton, all because they are rich in omega-3, which reduces inflammation of the scalp and gives it more strength. 

– Recipes limit hair fall and prevent hair fall :

We apologize, dear, for not providing recipes for many, just follow us and we will address each recipe alone and thank you 

 Treatment of hair loss with medications : 

Hair loss medications contain large and concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals needed by the hair that the body is unable to provide, which contributes to the treatment, healing and restoration of hair strength and health. Types of hair drugs and their benefits for the treatment of hair loss and thickening vary, among the main ones : 

_ Supplements of vitamins and minerals :

Tablets of various vitamins and minerals that are the first thing to treat hair and prevent hair loss, the most important of which is omega-three, which provides a strong food for hair growth. Iron capsules, which is one of the most important minerals for the body and its deficiency causes anemia, which mainly affects hair loss

_ Caffeine :

The great benefit of caffeine is that it delays hair loss and gives it a longer life, helps break down the enzymes that cause hair to fall out, and the only drawback of this substance is the change of hair color where it becomes dark

_ Biotin :

It is one of the vitamins that work to nourish the hair and help in its formation and deficiency causes hair loss, and it activates the blood circulation to the hair follicles and stimulates them to produce and the way to use it is to place it positioned points on the scalp

_ Plasma hair injection :

Plasma contains vitamins and proteins, which are the liquid part of the human blood, and is removed from the person himself and re-injected into the roots of the head to nourish the follicles and stimulate them to grow

_ Collagen injections for :

Collagen helps nourish tissues and maintain their strength and is a substance found in our body and is one of the most important proteins that nourish hair, nails and skin

_ Hair transplant :

And is another way for people, and that if the person experience the various ways and recipes to prevent hair loss and give a result, and is the use of follicles from places where hair is dense and takes hair follicles are planted in the empty places