The most common mistakes you make in makeup

While we are clearly obsessed with learning all about fashion, we are the first to admit that learning makeup tricks  related to this field is not easy at all. And some very important tips may be lost in the way of learning new tricks. Are you using the bronze t correctly? Is powder necessary? It is very easy to make some serious mistakes without knowing. What are the things you should stop doing immediately?

   Not cleaning our make up brushes : We all make this mistake from time to time, and even makeup experts admit that the time –  consuming process of cleaning makeup brushes is their least favorite part. But even if you don’t care that dirty brushes may cause you pimples, don’t forget that they also affect your makeup application . The colors will blend together, and the bristles of the brushes will smudge your makeup. 

 Apply bronzer all over your face: If   you want to create a fake bronze tan, use a toner on your face, not bronzer. Apply lightly to the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, chin, and forehead for a true tan effect. 

Choosing the foundation  according to the back of your hand : There is no doubt that you have heard this advice before, and you have applied it, but why did you test the foundation on your hands when you are going to put it on your face? Your face and hand are often not the same color, because they don’t get the same amount of sun exposure. Try foundation on the jawline to get the perfect color.

Applying Concealer  Wrong: While it seems logical to apply concealer to dark circles, applying it in an inverted triangle shape under the eyes will give you a brightening effect that looks natural. 

Daily application of waterproof mascara: This formula causes eyelashes to dry out extremely, and while this type of mascara is difficult to remove, you will rub your eyes a lot during the cleaning process, which will cause you to lose some eyelashes. 

Using the wrong combination of foundation: If your blush seems unnatural, reconsider by changing the texture of your foundation from cream to powder, or vice versa. While the powder lasts longer, the creamy formula will leave a more natural effect. If you have oily skin, the creamy formula is not for you. 

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