A mixture of Vaseline and salt will make you look like you’re 20


It is no secret to a woman in this universe the benefits or Vaseline  for the skin! This cream that revolutionized the world of cosmetics and skin care. Not only that, this cream, which can be described as a “shell cream”, has multiple uses far from the world of beauty, as fishermen used it as bait in their hooks, as well as divers in icy waters coating their bodies with it as an ointment, and car cables were coated with it to prevent damage, not to mention the Its medicinal uses as an analgesic and healing ointment for burns and wounds.



As for describing it as a cream of chance, this goes back to an interesting story, which we will refer to quickly…
After repeated complaints from Pennsylvania oilfield workers that they had to remove a waxy substance from oil residue from steel pump rods, 22-year-old Brooklyn chemist Robert Chesebrough became interested in collecting and testing rod wax samples to prove he had discovered a health and beauty treasure. In the year 1870, he established the first laboratory to manufacture this new balm, which he called “Vaseline” or “paraffin”.

This is about Vaseline. As for salt, it is not strange to you. It imposes itself on your food and on your beauty as well. Many beauty recipes for skin and hair contain salt for different purposes, because it has benefits, the most important of which is sterilization.

What if Vaseline meets with salt, what are their benefits together?

Benefits of Vaseline with Salt

One of the most important benefits of Vaseline with salt is skin exfoliation  , it removes dead skin cells, which helps reveal new, healthier skin layers, and this works to treat many skin problems  , such as dark circles  ,wrinkles, dark spots  and more..

Here are recipes of Vaseline with salt to treat many skin problems:


Vaseline with salt to exfoliate the skin of the body

• ½ cup of salt.
• ½ cup of Vaseline.
• Drops of any essential oil, such as lavender oil, lemon oil… (optional).
• Mix Vaseline with salt, then add your favorite essential oil.
• Distribute on the skin of the body, then rub in gentle circular motions.
• Leave it for 10 minutes, then wash the skin with warm water.


Vaseline with salt to treat puffy eyes

• A little cold water.
• ½ spoon of salt.
• A spoonful of Vaseline.
• Mix Vaseline with salt, then cold water.
• Soak a cotton ball in the mixture, then apply it under the eye on the puffiness.
• Leave it for ½ hour, then wash the skin with cold water.


Vaseline with salt to treat wrinkles

• Two tablespoons of Vaseline.
• ½ spoon of salt.
• Egg white.
• A tablespoon of honey.
• Put Vaseline in the microwave or in a hot water bath.
• Mix with salt, egg whites after beating, and honey.
• After obtaining a homogeneous mixture, distribute it on the skin of the face and neck.
• Leave it for ½ hour, then wash the skin with cold water.


Vaseline and salt for chapped lips

• spoonful of salt.
• A little Vaseline.
• Mix the salt and Vaseline well.
• Distribute the mixture on the lips, then rub with gentle movements.
• Leave the mixture of Vaseline and salt on the lips for 0 minutes, then wash it with cold water.

Vaseline with salt to stabilize the fragrance

Mixing a little salt and Vaseline, the mixture is distributed on the places where the perfume is dispersed, behind the ears, the wrists…. This step helps the perfume to remain for a longer period

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