Mint and ginger for fuller lips


Every woman wants beautiful, full lips, and nature can help you in your quest for fuller and smoother lips without needles or using expensive cosmetics from the  care Beauty presents you with a method for enlarging the lips with ginger and mint to get more beautiful and attractive lips. 

How to enlarge lips with ginger and mint


Ginger and mint are among the most important aromatic herbal plants that are widely used in many areas of life. Doctors recommend mixing these two compounds to get the most benefit from the properties of each.

Mix peppermint oil with ginger for lip augmentation

This mixture helps to make the lips more full and puffy because it contains elements that stimulate blood circulation in the lips and supply it, so that they appear fuller.

a spoonful of peppermint oil.
A little ginger powder.
Vitamin E capsule.

Method of preparation and use:
The ingredients are mixed until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Then, apply the mixture to your lips, massage them for three to five minutes, and then rinse them with lukewarm water. Repeat the experiment daily and you will be impressed with the result.

A mixture of ginger and mint with cinnamon to enlarge the lips


This mixture enhances blood circulation in your lips and gives them fuller volume.

a small cinnamon stick.
Three cloves.
Some fresh mint leaves. 
Two slices of fresh ginger.

Method of preparation and use:
Grind the ingredients well in the electric mixer to obtain a mixture of homogeneous texture, to add to it as a last step a teaspoon of olive oil. Using a clean toothbrush, rub the lips with the mixture in gentle circular motions for about 5 minutes, then wash the lips with cold water. Moisten lips with ointment or Vaseline.

Tips to get beautiful lips

Exfoliating the lips helps to remove the scales accumulated on their surface, and make them look healthy and more plump. Sugar can be used as a natural lip scrub. 
Make sure to always use lip balm instead of lipstick that causes dryness, or apply lip balm, then use lipstick.
It is preferable to use many natural oils before bed, including: coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil, and cocoa butter; In order to get healthy, soft lips.
The necessity of choosing good quality makeup that is suitable for the skin and lips

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