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The importance of using daily pads - Care Beauty

The importance of using daily pads

Sanitary napkins are thinner and smaller than regular sanitary pads used during menstruation. These pads are attached to underwear with a sticky adhesive to help keep them in place, and are very thin. He states that these pads are made of a soft and absorbent material to help keep you feeling dry and clean.



These pads are used specifically for the hygiene of the feminine intimate area. Women generally use it when they have vaginal secretions, including excess mucous secretions. There are also those who use it on a daily basis.






Here are the main reasons for using these pads:



● Absorption of vaginal secretions accompanied by a feeling of moisture and viscosity. These secretions are normal throughout the month. Daily towels make a woman feel comfortable and keep her underwear clean.



● The measure is back-up, as it works to prepare for the unexpected. It is not unreasonable for a woman, and a girl in particular, to menstruate at unexpected times, especially in the first few times of menstruation.



● Picking up the overflow of the bench. These towels are used effectively by the bench users, as it is important to have a backup plan. Sanitary napkins can catch overflow, which helps keep underwear clean and dry.



● Sweat and moisture absorption. During strenuous workouts or sports and on hot and humid days, sweat in underwear is annoying. Sanitary napkins absorb moisture, drawing it under the surface to help keep you feeling fresh.






Here are some points that make daily pads special:



● There are sizes and shapes to suit every undergarment and every type of flow. So as to personalize these pads.



● These pads have breathable layers to help keep fluids and odors away from the body to keep you dry, clean and fresh.



● The pads are so thin and soft that they are barely noticed, giving the ability to enjoy the time and energy to focus on the fun of things.






The pad should also be replaced after urination or every two hours because these secretions and mucus are actually dirt that is naturally excreted through the vagina. If you do not replace the pad after urinating, bacteria and dirt mix together and accumulate in the pad