Factors and methods that help to increase the size of the breast

Factors and methods that help to increase the size of the breast:



Pregnancy and breastfeeding help to increase breast size


Weight gain if you are skinny with the need for healthy nutrition


– Drink the ring


– Practicing the “Sandoz” exercise using a device that opens the arms against the resistance, which contains a number of springs


– Doing self-massages for the breast using olive oil on a regular basis, where you massage the right breast with the left hand and the left breast with the right hand


The use of some devices, such as the Glamor device, which is placed on the breast, and works to empty the air around the breast for a specific time on a daily basis.


– Plastic surgery operations and it is preferable that you resort to this solution after you have decided not to have children so as not to conflict with any problems with breastfeeding and the new breast, and this is the only radical solution



Notes on breast augmentation:



Avoid using pharmacological or hormonal methods for breast augmentation because it has serious side effects, some of which are known and others are unknown, and it is not a permanent solution, but rather a temporary treatment.


The breast does not contain muscles, but rather it is fatty and glandular tissue


In adolescence, the breasts are approaching their maximum size, and one breast may grow faster than the other, and eventually the two breasts will reach the same size in most cases, but not identical.


The large size of the breast is controlled by femininity hormones, in addition to the genetic factor from the father and mother


Consult a reputable doctor before taking any important step

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