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The good reasons to adopt the short haircut

Long hair is a symbol of femininity, and it’s not uncommon to hear women envy those lucky enough to be able to wear long, healthy hair without too much maintenance. We also hear a lot of men say that they prefer women with long hair, or at least, not too short hair. But for the length as for the cut, long hair does not suit all women. Some have a face or a silhouette that would be more highlighted by a short cut than by long hair even if the latter is more feminine.
Likewise, long hair requires significant daily maintenance and styling time. Short haircuts also need to be maintained but require less time for grooming and styling every morning to stay on top.


The problem for women who are reluctant to take the step of boyish cuts is often that they are afraid of being less feminine or having fewer hairstyles with short hair. These two received ideas are however far from reality because a short cut can be quite feminine. Watch the small screen’s most famous image consultant, Cristina Cordula. Her short cut suits her so well that it’s hard to imagine her with long hair.
And as for the hairstyle possibilities, it will actually be more difficult for you to tie your hair in a bun or a spiky braid. If you style your hair like this every day with your long hair, it’s a safe bet that you will miss these hairstyling techniques once your lengths are gone. But if you’re content with just a brush every morning and that one gesture is already taking too much time for your liking, a short haircut is perfect for you. And in terms of hairstyling possibilities, the styling gel and wax already allow many varieties of hairstyle on short hair, not to mention hair jewelry (pins, barrettes, clips, combs) and other headbands or headbands.


So it’s decided, you go for a short haircut. Yes, but not just any! The cut should be in line with the shape of your face and your figure. We traditionally advise women who choose a boyish cut to avoid cuts with too hard angles, rather reserved for men. In general, it is a question of remembering that the cut that will be the most flattering is not the most trendy cut that gives a great effect on the mannequin in the window, but the one that you will feel to wear on a daily basis. .
However, we cannot give you better advice than that of your hairdresser, who will be able to tell you which cut will suit your complexion best and that you will like to wear every day!


Health :Health is the most important thing in life. So, here is a good and solid reason to have a short hairstyle. With short hair, the ends are better because they no longer rub against the clothes. The hair is thus in better health. In addition, short hair absorbs less minerals and these are also enough to nourish it fully. Another advantage of having short hair is the fact that you can take better care of your scalp when the hair mass is reduced. It is better to treat and take care of them because the density of the hair can suffocate the scalp; a short haircut lets him breathe much easier to replenish health and vitality. Always a question of health,it is healthier to have a short hairstyle because the hair sets and retains a lot of dirt and germs of all kinds unless you wash it every day, which is also not recommended for their health. Having less hair mass then allows much less dirt to be retained and fixed.
The practicality:
Short hair is clearly more practical, that’s a fact. For example, a quick towel is enough for them to be dry, or even in the open air. You don’t have to go to any trouble trying to style them to achieve good results. A light comb is enough to discipline them and give them the look you want them to have. Sometimes even, for a sexy and punk look, their aspect when you wake up without having been styled is perfect. Always for the practical side of the hair with the short cut, it is easier to maintain them because they are not in large masses. Also, we have less worry about being messed up by the wind or any other factor. And if this ever happens, all it takes is a simple helping of hand for the hairstyle to return to its normal appearance.
The economy:
It is clear that having short hair, in addition to the practical side, also saves a lot of money. On the budget side, a shorter mop avoids spending a lot on hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, styling creams, serums, hair creams, oil bath, and others … Indeed, on short hair, these various beauty products end less quickly than on long hair. In addition, short hair is cheaper to style at a beauty salon; suddenly, a brushing or any care is downright cheaper when you go to the hairdresser. Besides spending money, a short hairstyle is also a huge time saver. We actually spend less time styling or arranging them, or washing them; therefore,you can take advantage of this time saving to take care of other parts of your body or to avoid being late. And finally, having a short cut saves energy since you spend less styling your hair. On long hair, you may not always notice it, but you spend a lot of energy styling it, especially when it comes to a rather complicated hairstyle.
The originality:
The image of women or even femininity has always been summed up in the fact that she must have long hair. This shot has made many women absolutely adamant about keeping their hair long. This image thus became a sort of standard so much that it became commonplace in the end. So there is nothing extraordinary about having long hair. So, for those looking for originality, to stand out from the crowd, to have a personality, adopting a short hairstyle is the ideal solution. This is a bit of what stars with short hair are looking for, like the singer Pink, for example.
The possibility of having several looks:
A short cut allows as much as a long cut to have several possibilities of looks and hairstyles. It is enough to bet on the accessories as it was said above and on products like wax, a volumizer or even a straightener or a curling iron. We can thus go from the punk style to the glamorous and rock look, to the blue flower, bohemian or romantic aspect. You can go from casual to dressy style in no time by modeling and shaping the hair as you wish: curly, straight, notched, puffy, wavy … The possibility of several looks is quite possible and fun with hair short.

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