The effect of high blood sugar on the sense of hearing

The results of a new study resolved the controversy over the possible effect of high blood sugar on the ears, and concluded that having diabetes doubles the risk of hearing problems. Listening abilities slowly deteriorate in people with diabetes so that they do not feel the change as it occurs.


According to the study published in the “Journal of Annals of Internal Medicine”, the risk of hearing deterioration in those diagnosed with “pre-diabetes” increases by 30 percent, while the risks to hearing double after the diagnosis of diabetes.


The deterioration and loss of hearing in a person with diabetes occurs as a result of damage to the auditory nerve in the inner ear due to frequent high blood sugar, a condition called sensorineural hearing impairment.


The results of the study advised any diabetic who complains that he hears the sound without understanding the meaning to visit an ear specialist to examine his hearing abilities.


Hearing aids can solve the problem, or in the event of significant hearing loss, an electronic device may be implanted that bypasses the next part of the auditory nerve, to deliver audio signals to the brain.

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