The body’s daily need of calories


A person’s daily need of calories varies from person to person according to many factors such as sex, age, height, physical activity, fat percentage, and others. To learn more about the body’s daily need for calories, follow up with “” in the following:

The body’s daily need of calories

Calculate calories for an individual

Calories are the unit of measurement for the energy that the human body gets from the nutrients it consumes, and it enables it to perform the main vital functions to supply the body with the necessary energy while avoiding obesity. The calories needed by a person are calculated by calculating the person’s main metabolic rate, and multiplying the rate by the factor of the person’s physical activity. There is no doubt that a person who has more muscle needs more calories, even if he is not engaged in any activity. Food differs in the amount of energy it provides to the body, and the body’s needs for calories differ from one person to another.

Calories for a man:

Methods for calculating calories for a man

A man needs one calorie per kilogram of weight per hour. The calories he needs are calculated according to the following equation:

80 kilograms x 1 calories x 24 hours = 1920 calories per day.

Calories for women:

Methods of calculating calories for women

A woman needs 0.85 calories per kilogram of weight per hour.

Weight 60 kg x 0.85 calories x 24 hours = 1224 calories per day.

A man who weighs 80 kilograms and does a lot of effort needs 50% of the 1920 calories, that is, to 960 additional calories, meaning that the total of what he needs from calories per day is: 1920 basic energy + 960 calories for effort = 2880 calories Daily, as for the calculation of 70%, he needs additional 1,344 calories, meaning that the total of what he needs per day is: 1920 + 1344 = 3264 calories per day. That is, it needs (2,880 to 3264) calories per day.

The calories that a woman need are calculated in the same way, taking into account the calculation of basic energy, as mentioned above.

Thus, the number of calories a person needs depends on his gender and level of activity.

The number of calories in some types of food:

The caloric content of some foods

It is useful to know the number of calories in some foods. In order for a person to know the amount of calories he consumes, the following are the number of calories for some types of food:

A medium-sized apple, 72 calories.

A medium-sized banana has 105 calories.

Wheat bread slice 66 calories.

A cup of fresh carrots 52 calories

Slice of cheddar cheese 113 calories.

85 grams of grilled chicken breast 142 calories.

Egg 102 calories.

A cup of green beans 40 calories.

113 grams of roast beef 137 kcal.

One tablespoon of ketchup, 15 calories.

28 g dry nuts (168 kcal.

227 Grams Of Low Fat Milk 122 Kcal.

A cup of oatmeal cooked with water without salt 147 calories.

28 grams of potato chips 155 calories.

A cup of cooked long-grain white rice 205 calories.

A cup of cooked pasta without salt 221 Calories.

85 grams of tuna without oil 100 calories.

Calories and their importance:

Calories play an important role in stimulating metabolism and maintaining brain health

The human body needs the energy it gets from food in the form of calories to live and carry out vital processes. The body consumes approximately 20% of calories for brain metabolism, and vital processes such as breathing, digestion, and others. The rest is in food metabolism.