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Contact lenses .. benefits and harms - Care Beauty

Contact lenses .. benefits and harms


Contact lenses can be used for the treatment and correction of eyesight and are a transparent plastic material that is placed directly on the cornea of the eye for either therapeutic or cosmetic purposes.the number of Contact Lens users around the world exceeds one hundred million people. people wear lenses for many reasons to get rid of glasses and to change the color of the iris to change the shape. this is Cosmetic. in medical terms, if we compare the use of lenses with the use of glasses, we will find that the lenses give a better side vision, are more suitable for outdoor or sports activities and give a person freedom to wear any type of sunglasses.

And contact lenses are two main types are soft or flexible contact lenses and hard contact lenses, and for soft or flexible contact lenses are approved for The Shape of the cornea of the eye and used to correct refractive defects such as myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism are also used for cosmetic purposes, and can be divided into several types including single-use lenses, which are used to This type of lens needs to be cleaned daily and replaced periodically to avoid the deposition of protein and microbes on it, which leads to bad complications for the eye, as well as permanent lenses, which are designed for daily and continuous use for a number of weeks more than daily lenses, and because of the constant wearing of this type of lenses, the probability of infection of the cornea and

Hard contact lenses are less flexible than soft lenses and are therefore less comfortable, especially for those who have never used them.hard lenses are the ideal solution to correct keratoconus and reduce its development. they are also the appropriate means to correct severe astigmatism. hard lenses are characterized as allowing a high degree of oxygen to the eye, thereby reducing the rate of infection. they are also characterized by Ease of care and cleaning. they can be kept for two to three years with good care and the required size of vision.

They give a wider field of vision compared to medical glasses.they also give the objects their true dimensions unlike glasses, especially in high measurements. they are very practical in sports activities and events. one of the disadvantages is that they require constant care and hygiene. neglect of this aspect is counterproductive to the eyes in general. they can also not be worn at certain times, such as sleep times, dust Times, swimming or exposure to high heat, such as the oven when cooking. a patient who uses contact lenses needs to keep hydrating drops in order to avoid dehydration of the eye.

For Contact Lens users should be aware that contact lenses may be prescribed by the doctor as an optimal solution to correct eyesight so you should pay attention to all the instructions and tips, and be careful to gradually wear lenses, and start two hours on the first day and gradient until reaching use 12 hours a day and not exceed this limit, and be at least an hour until The lens specialist can carry out the examination thoroughly, and do not rub the eyes no matter what the case with contact lenses, and be sure to wear sunglasses when exposed to the sun when wearing contact lenses, remove contact lenses before bedtime and avoid swimming lenses and can be kept in the event of bathing with the eyes closed so as not to it must be unambiguous Lenses never occur when redness or discharge occurs inside the eye until the doctor allows it.

Common symptoms should also be known when wearing lenses to adapt to them, including the sensation of a foreign body inside the eye, increased lacrimation and involuntary blinking, increased sensitivity to light and dryness of the lens, knowing that all these symptoms are normal at first, and will go away once the eye adapts to the lenses, but you should contact your doctor if these symptoms persist for a long time,