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The best way to sculpt your face..without surgery

Face sculpting, or defining the lower jaw in particular, is one of the most popular beauty marks nowadays, which women seek to reach in several ways, most notably following the cosmetic procedure known as “face sculpting” by injection. But have you ever heard of BRONTOURING face sculpting?


It is a very easy way, which helps you to get the perfect summer look, because it is soft, and you can apply it with some cosmetics that you definitely have. Find out how to adopt the method of face sculpting on the method of international makeup experts.


How to sculpt the face with makeup “BRONTOURING”:


There are some steps that you need to take to get a perfect sculpted face and jawline. All you have to do is follow these steps:


1. Apply the appropriate bronzer or tanning cream to your skin tone, on the forehead area next to the hairline, and using the blending brush, you can take it upwards to give the impression of a tightened face.


2. Apply the bronzer, or tanning cream, on the highest point in the cheek area, next to the ear line, then mix it well, to get a smooth appearance, but be careful of the blending process to be upwards, to get a bright look and tight skin.





3. At the jawline area, you should apply the same product mentioned above, along the lower jaw from the right and left sides, passing through the middle with circular motions, to blend the cream with the skin smoothly and smoothly.


4. To complete the tight look and the defined face, do not forget to apply the bronzer in the area at the end of the eye, as it helps you to feel the lifting of the face up, use a small brush for the eye, and start lifting the bronzer or eyeshadow in the appropriate brown with the bronzer, upwards in a different way. Exaggerated to achieve the natural feel of a face-lift, adding a little at the point where the eyes meet the nose line.


5. You must also apply bronzer on the borders of the lips, to give more color to the entire face, and at the end of these steps you have to install the makeup, by using a fixing powder to maintain this look as long as possible.

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