Green juice recipe for white hair treatment

Green juice recipe for white hair treatment

When your hair begins to change to gray and white hair appears, whether you are in your twenties or fifties, this may be a symbol of the passage of age and may be a symbol of malnutrition when white hair appears in young people at an early age. Our youth-obsessed society is the reason for the anti-aging industry, but sometimes graying occurs for reasons other than age, and it is possible to restore the original hair color


Can a green smoothie restore the original hair color?


A green smoothie is a mixture of a variety of fruits and vegetables, which are blended together to make a nutritious breakfast, lunch or snack.


It’s great for weight loss, colon health, an easy way to get extra minerals, get more fresh food into your diet, and is known to restore gray hair to its original color.


The green smoothie was invented in the 1970s by Anna Wigmore, who has written many books about healthy, natural food, and therapy, and she calls green smoothies an energy soup.


Wigmore started drinking the smoothie when she was in her fifties, her hair completely white, and soon her hair returned to its original brown color.


When she was eighty years old, her students cut off a piece of her tithe and sent it to a laboratory to sweeten it, to make sure that it did not stain it.


Wigmore has proven that gray hair is linked to a mineral deficiency, and that when the body becomes full of adequate minerals, the hair regains its original color.


General tips for making green juice to treat white hair: Mix 60% of fruits to 40% of vegetables in green in the blender. Do not forget that cucumber, tomato, and pepper are fruits. Add more fruits and vegetables to reach the perfect taste for you. Add water or fruits that you like. It contains water in the beginning.Add vegetables and vegetables and blend again.Use different vegetables and fruits daily.Green smoothie recipe to stop hair graying:


the ingredients:


The amount of a handful of watercress, two oranges, a mandarin fruit.


A small piece of ginger. Half a lemon. A glass of water




Carefully wash the vegetables and peel the orange and mandarin. In an electric blender, put the water, fruits, and ginger and blend until the mixture is homogeneous, then add the watercress and mix again. The smoothie can be kept for two days in the refrigerator, but it is best to eat it fresh.


There is an age when getting gray hair becomes very natural, but there are other times when hair turns white at an early age for several reasons that we present to you here:


Thyroid disorders: The thyroid gland that suffers from disorders and the inability to perform its functions in a good way confuses the entire body, including the hair as well, and many thyroid disorders lead to turning the hair color to gray. Anemia: Anemia that occurs due to a deficiency in vitamin B12 from It can cause hair to turn gray, and vitamin B12 is found in animal products, so if you do not eat meat or have a stomach problem that leads to a lack of absorption of the vitamin, this may lead to the appearance of gray hair.


Smoking: Cigarette smoking is one of the reasons why gray hair appears earlier than it is supposed to. Early menopause: The occurrence of menopause symptoms earlier than usual may lead to premature graying of hair. Hair turned gray as well.


Natural remedies for gray or white hair:


If you suffer from any of the previous problems, your gray hair can return to its original color, through the following treatments.


Vitamin B12: Since a severe deficiency of this vitamin turns hair gray, so make sure you take enough of it, and if you do not eat animal products, you can get it from nutritional supplements, or foods fortified with it. Eating uncooked food: many of those who eat Their raw vegetables and fruits confirmed that after a while their hair began to return to its original color.Copper-rich foods: Researchers found that people whose hair turns gray early have less copper in their body than they should, so start incorporating copper-rich foods into your diet, such as Green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, bananas, avocados, and grapes. Caffeine: Reduce the amount of caffeine that enters your body, as excessive caffeine intake leads to dehydration in the body, which leads to harm to both hair and skin, as well as one of the causes of premature graying. Stress, which may also be due to caffeine.

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