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What is forbidden and allowed in the nail care routine

The change of seasons from hot to cold has a huge impact on your skin, and its effect extends even to your nails. Therefore, you have to constantly renew your nail care routine to challenge the effects of external factors.


Whether you are the type of person who suffers from constant nail breakage or who regularly uses nail polish, don’t smell that you yearn for healthy, natural nails. Therefore, Bazaar has collected multiple tips for a nail care routine to get healthy nails!


Things that are forbidden in the nail care routine


Don’t use your nails instead of tools: Why use tweezers to remove tape from clothes when our nails do the same? Scratching and rubbing can cause the nails to crack and cuts to the skin.


Don’t put your nails in water for long periods: A hot shower can be exactly what a doctor says for anyone who is tired, but prolonged hands can cause nails and cuticles to weaken. Exciting novel.


Don’t bite your nails: you see him waving at you and begging for a piece, but resist! Pulling and cutting this small part can tear living tissue and expose nails and hands to fungi and bacteria. The next time you feel the urge to bite your nails, think about everything your fingers have grabbed or scraped in the past 24 hours. gross! Biting doesn’t just damage your nails, it also exposes your mouth to all kinds of dirt and bacteria.


Don’t use nail polish remover permanently: While the urge to remove blue polish to dye it neon green can be very fun and beautiful, frequent nail polish remover use can dry out and damage nails, consider using acetone-free polish remover once. In the week.


Don’t peel your nail polish: Biting your nails is a reaction from the body that indicates nervousness and tension, just like peeling nail polish because it removes the layers of the nail, use nail polish removers and find another place to fight stress (exercise is not a bad alternative).


Don’t ignore any change in color or texture: Healthy nails should be uniform in color, if you notice an abnormal change, get it checked out by a dermatologist, it could be a sign of something serious.


Things to do in your nail care routine


Cut and trim the nails regularly: Maintaining the beauty of the nails actually helps in maintaining their health. Go to the salon to remove nail polish and clean it once a month until you have healthy and clean nails.


Take supplements like zinc and biotin: If you suffer from weak or brittle nails, these nutritional supplements labeled “hair, nails and skin supplements” may be just what you need to strengthen your nails.


Moisturize the skin around the nail frequently: the skin around the finger is the only line of protection between the nail and bacteria and fungi, as its moistening prevents cracking and peeling, which can damage the nail bed.


Sanitize your nail tools: Replace the nail care kit you’ve used for the past months! Nail tools should be scrupulously clean and sterilized, and nail files should be replaced regularly to prevent bacteria and microbes.


Treat cuts to the skin around the nails: This thin area of ​​skin around the nails is not only sensitive but can cause long-term damage. Sterilize any cuts right away with an antibacterial ointment.


Keep your nails dry and clean: Keeping them dry protects you from fungi and bacteria. Don’t be fooled by the labels on your dish soap that claim to contain ingredients that are good for your nails. Hot water and soap can be a harmful combination for your nails. Wear gloves when handling the pile of dishes calling out to you on the sink.


Good nail care requires constant commitment, so keep a simple and easy grooming routine, and most importantly keep it clean, dry, trimmed, and follow basic hygiene (no sharing tools with others!) and you’ll have beautiful, healthy nails for life.

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