The benefits of the date kernel for your beauty

It may not occur to many of us that the date kernel has aesthetic benefits, but you will completely change your mind after reading these lines.

Here, we review some of the benefits of the date kernel for your beauty, according to the magazine “Savoir Flair”.

Moisturizing the hair
The date kernel contains a special and unique fatty acid, the beneficial oleic acid. It is a type of “omega-9” acid, which controls hair loss and maintains the natural hydration of the hair and gives it a lively and healthy look.

Maintaining healthy scalp
The date kernel contains linoleic acid, an omega-6 acid. It is an acid that our bodies need but we are not producing. This acid helps stimulate hair growth while keeping dandruff healthy and clean and protecting it from viruses and germs that may cause scalp diseases such as dandruff.

How to use the date kernel
Wash the kernels well and then leave them to dry completely. This process may continue for 3 days until the nuclei are completely dry. After drying, grind these seeds to get a powder. You can use this powder in many ways, such as adding it to your salads, your morning coffee, or your desserts.

Here is another way to extract the benefits of date kernel, which is by making date kernel syrup. Wash the cores well, then soak them in water for 24 hours, and then grind them with a little of the same soaking water. You can add this syrup to a glass of lukewarm water, lemon, and honey to drink in the morning, or to any kind of tea you prefer

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