the benefits of staying away from your phone during the day

But that doesn’t change the damage that can occur with excessive phone use, whether it’s sleep problems due to blue light or radiation damage to the brain, and amid this, practicing a regular digital detox, even if only for a few hours, becomes essential.


Sirens signal people to put away their electronic devices for 1.5 hours to take a much-needed break from screen time. Hobbies like reading.


What is a digital detox?


According to “timesnownews”, research indicates that 61% of people say they are addicted to the Internet and electronic devices which increases their daily screen time, and this is known to negatively affect their overall health and physical and mental well-being.


To remedy this situation, a digital detox that involves taking a break from the Internet or using smart devices such as phones, tablets or laptops is recommended.


Your digital detox can start with taking short but strict breaks from your smartphone – like a one hour break per day, and speaking of the benefits, one can expect the following:


Increased sense of self-awareness Improved social interactions

Better sleep Better skin

quality Improved productivity Mental health benefits

-Reduced risk of stress and anxiety

Confidence Boosts self-esteem Helps free up time for healthy and different life activities