My experience with the cocoa face mask

My experience with the cocoa face mask, when I used cocoa for skin care, succeeded in getting rid of many problems, such as acne and pimples, dry skin and others, in addition to cocoa masks intended for oily skin and for skin whitening and lightening, we review next dear the most important cocoa masks for the face and my experience in detail with this The magic ingredient, for every new thing, follow us on the magazine’s pages on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Telegram.


My experience with the cocoa mask for oily skin Method of preparation: One of the masks that I used in my experience with the cocoa mask for the face, especially for oily skin, is to mix a tablespoon of chickpea flour with the same of cocoa powder, a spoon of yogurt and white honey, mix the ingredients well, then distribute them on your skin, after passing 15-20 minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water, then wipe it with a cotton pad moistened with pure rose water.Benefits: The results of the experiment with cocoa for oily skin were multiple, for example, getting rid of inflammation and redness of the skin, eliminating pimples and acne, in addition to getting rid of wrinkles and tightening Natural skin tissue and whiter skin.

My experience with a cocoa mask to lighten the skin

Method of preparation: In a clean bowl, put a tablespoon of cocoa powder, then add drops of lemon juice if your skin is not sensitive, and a teaspoon of rose water and two teaspoons of white bee honey, now put Mask on the face for 20-30 minutes, then wash with cold water, and do not forget to apply the moisturizing cream, this method is part of the routine, which I followed in my experience with cocoa for the skin.

Benefits: The benefit of the cocoa mask in this way, is to lighten the face To get whiter and brighter skin, beside getting rid of impurities, which disturb the skin and spoil its appearance.

Cocoa mask for acne

Method of preparation: From my experience in cocoa masks for the face and in order to eliminate the problem of acne, is to mix a spoonful of bentonite clay with a tablespoon of cocoa powder, then add a quantity of green tea after leaving it to cool and then simple drops of lavender oil, now distribute the cocoa mask to treat acne, then after 20 minutes, wipe the mask off your skin with a clean cotton piece, then wash your face with cold water and do not forget to apply Moisturizing creams.

Benefits: My experience with the cocoa mask confirms that it is effective in clearing and purifying the skin and treating the problem of acne, thus obtaining a clear white skin without impurities. Yogurt, cocoa and orange peel powder, then mix well, then distribute the mask on the skin, then wash your face with lukewarm water after it dries. Benefits: The cocoa mask in this way helps to get fresh and healthy skin if your skin type is mixed.

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