The benefits of eggplant peel in fighting aging

A recent American study revealed that Basulin, an anti-inflammatory compound antioxidants, which are found in eggplant peel,Rids the body of free radicals that cause aging.





The study showed that eggplant peels protect the body’s cell walls





And the brain from damage,





It also produces male and female hormones and forms the necessary bile salts





To absorb some important vitamins,





Eggplant fruits also contain phenolic antioxidant compounds.





The most important of which is hordeogenic acid.





Which is one of the most powerful plant antioxidants, and protects against damage





With its DNA structure, which prevents the formation of cancer cells,





In addition to its role in reducing harmful cholesterol.







Therefore, you must fry the eggplant with the peel or make an eggplant tray with the peel





Or trim it, meaning we leave some of the peel in it

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