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Study: Walking enhances creative thinking

Recent medical research, supervised by researchers from Stanford University in California, showed that walking enhances creative thinking, after conducting a number of experiments.


The researchers compared the levels of creativity in people who depend on walking daily and those who prefer to sit, and found that creative production averages 60% in people who prefer to walk daily.


Dr. Daniel Schwartz, a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, explained that it does not matter whether the walk is indoors or outdoors, the two have the same effect in promoting creative inspiration.


Professor Schwartz noted that more work is now needed to find the underlying causes of walking, but their findings provide a very powerful model that would allow people to begin manipulation, so they can track how it affects the body and mind.


Schwartz added that this study is another justification for incorporating bouts of physical activity into the day, whether it is at school or turning into a meeting at work on foot, explaining that it would be healthier, and perhaps more innovative.

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