The benefits of calcium and phosphorous salts for the body


There is nothing more important than calcium and phosphorous salts for the safety of the body and the prevention of many diseases, whether casual or chronic.

With modern civilized development, different methods of food consumption, and progress in the normal life stages, the needs for these two main elements are increasing.

The benefits and importance of calcium for the body

Calcium is included in the formation of teeth and bones, and it is one of the factors of blood clotting, and it is essential in the work of the nervous system, muscle contraction, and the work of the heart.

The average ratio of calcium in the blood is 8.8: 10.4 milligrams and about 90% of the body’s calcium is found in the bones.

The average calcium in food per day is 0.5:1 g per day and is found in milk, dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, cereals, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

Calcium absorption depends on the availability of vitamin D and the parathyroid hormone. Calcium deficiency is often due to a deficiency or absence of the parathyroid hormone, or a deficiency of vitamin D due to its lack of food.

Or lack of exposure to sunlight, or malabsorption from the intestine or kidney disease and kidney failure.

And calcium deficiency in children causes rickets or osteomalacia, as well as an increase in the nervous effect and seizures in the muscles and fingers of the palms and feet.

In adults, a deficiency of calcium occurs for elderly patients or women who have given birth to a large number of children, which led to a severe deficiency of calcium in the blood.

This forces the body to convert part of the calcium in the vertebrae into blood circulation, and this also happens in cases of calcium deficiency in food or infection with a disease that prevents calcium absorption from the intestine.

In this case, the person complains of severe pain along the spine, and fractures of the vertebrae may occur even without effort because the vertebrae have become fragile.

The elderly need an additional dose of calcium to protect the bones and prevent fractures as a result of calcium loss due to age.

Additional doses of calcium at the rate of one gram per day were given to a group of elderly women, and this resulted in a 40% reduction in their incidence of fractures.

Benefits and importance of phosphorous for the body

Phosphorous is essential in metabolic processes, where glucose is combined with phosphorous salts before penetrating the cell and there the combustion process takes place to release energy.

It is necessary for nervous activity, and the cells of the nervous system contain it in a greater proportion than the rest of the cells. It is also necessary for the process of muscle contraction, and necessary for the continuation of the work of the heart

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