American scientists find a “frankincense” against “Corona”

American scientists believe they have found a new method that can help people protect themselves from “Covid-19”.


And the research team at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, warned in the specialized medical journal “Molecular Therapy” that there is an experimental “brick” gum that can act as a network to trap coronavirus particles, according to a report by the British Sun newspaper.

They said: This type of frankincense is used to reduce viral loads in saliva, and thus increase the usefulness of vaccines, as it benefits countries that do not have vaccines.

The team pointed out that there is no difference in taste with natural frankincense, but this “experimental gum” can limit the amount of virus in saliva and help stop transmission of infection when infected people talk, cough, or breathe.

Experimental gum contains copies of the ACE2 protein found on cell surfaces, which the virus uses to break into healthy cells before infecting them.

However, in experiments, the same virus particles bound to ACE2 in frankincense, which reduced the viral load in the samples by more than 95%.

The researchers emphasize that they can be stored for years at normal temperatures and that chewing them does not damage the molecules of the ACE2 protein.

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