The benefits and harms of crystal peeling for the face


Therapeutic peeling methods that target even the deep inner layers of the skin have become widespread in cosmetic clinics, and today we will dedicate ourselves to talking about the benefits and harms of crystal face peeling.

Crystal peeling of the face

Crystal peeling is a deep peeling using aluminum oxide crystals, as it works to rid the skin of the surface cells and remove the accumulated dead skin layers by forming a base layer present in the skin, and usually the skin needs 6 or 8 sessions until it becomes fresh and free of impurities.

Benefits of crystal peeling for the face

Removes freckles and freckles that appear by sunlight.

It makes the skin more radiant and vibrant thanks to the removal of the dull layer formed on the skin.

Increases skin radiance.

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines and firms the complexion.

Reduces pigmentation.

Reduces acne scars.

Makes skin smoother.

Whitens the skin and lightens its color.

It shrinks the size of the pores, thus preventing the appearance of blackheads and small pimples.

Damage to crystal peeling of the face

The potential damage due to the use of crystal peeling is minimal and very limited, and only the outer layer of the skin is affected, but it is summarized as follows:

Skin sensitivity.



Skin tightness.

Important steps to follow when performing a face crystal peel

Moisturizing the skin and applying sunscreen, and this step is necessary in the event of going out of the house, because the skin after peeling becomes red and moisturizing it reduces this redness.

Avoid exposure to sunlight for at least 7 days after the peel.

Avoid using creams that contain fruit acids, scrubs and cleansers 3 days before peeling and 3 days after peeling.

Never apply cosmetics and perfumes for two days after peeling.

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