Buccal face massage: its benefits and method of application


A while ago I noticed that the skin of my close friend’s face had become brighter, and although I care about everything related to skin care, I had missed what my friend tried again in skin care, which is Buccal face massage, and so I started searching for it and collected the following valuable information. .

What is Buccal face massage?

It is a newly famous massage (it is Meghan Markle’s favorite), and this massage focuses on improving blood circulation throughout the perioral and jaw area, and depends on certain movements from inside the mouth, outside and at the chin area, and has great benefits for the body and skin in general.

It is worth noting that a skin care professional or a physiotherapist can apply this massage professionally.

Benefits of Buccal face massage

It is a wonderful modern massage to relieve tension and shrinkage around the mouth and jaw area.

It also helps in improving the lymphatic drainage of the face, which helps in increasing blood flow, thus pumping oxygen to the skin, and increasing collagen and elastin production.

Helps eliminate the appearance of wrinkles around the area around the mouth (longitudinal and transverse) because it relieves tension in the muscles surrounding the mouth.

It increases the freshness and radiance of the skin, especially in the area around the mouth.

How to apply Buccal face massage

The specialist wears rubber paws (this point should be emphasized for your safety and to avoid any infection).

Then the skincare or physical therapist massages the mouth from the inside and outside by inserting his finger inside the mouth, and he also massages your jaw and the chin area, your jaw through certain movements, which increases blood flow in this area.

The history of Buccal facial massage

It is a treatment that began in the mid-1980s, and was popularized by specialist Guru Syoko, a famous French skincare guru, as well as Yakov Gershkovic, who marketed this technique during training seminars around the world. According to her, another esthetician and herself have updated the massage to be more targeted to the chin and jaw.

Try Buccal facial massage and touch the difference yourself, but we recommend that you choose a therapist who specializes in these matters in order not to cause you any problems in this sensitive area, and know that Buccal facial massage is a bit painful, but its results are worth trying.

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