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things you didn't know about serum and primer - Care Beauty

things you didn’t know about serum and primer


The field of make-up has always been and continues to be influenced by innovations, inventions, evolution and improvements. Requires a skincare routine at a very high pace from year to year, or let’s say even from season to season. Products have become more sophisticated, easier to use and solve almost or cover all skin problems and damage. Sometimes, in the wake of frequent improvements and new products on the shelves, we find ourselves unable to follow up on all products is important for us to change about at the point of sale.
Two of these necessary products are primer and serum, which are used as the basis for skin preparation. “The time for Hydration + Foundation alone is gone in preparing the skin because we have evolved,”says maiane Weinberg, director of guidance at Gaya Cosmetics. “Today’s modern technology has created a way for us to shrink pores, give a wrinkle-free appearance, and significantly improve the durability of makeup. Many women use moisturizing cream and miss the benefits of primer and serum because they do not know about it, every woman wants these products if she knows what they will give her skin wonders.”
To get to know these two products and to differentiate between them, we examined the effectiveness of each of them, which product you put before, what dimension and how to use them:
The serum forms the basis of the moisturizing cream. Serum is a substance that contains a high concentration of active substances that contribute to the storage of moisturizing substances in the deep layers of the skin, provides food to the skin and helps to hinder skin aging, postpone the appearance of wrinkles and lighten generation spots or spots caused by sunlight. The serum has the ability to penetrate into the depths of the epididymis layer and takes with it moisturizing substances and food.
The serum enhances the action of the moisturizing cream placed on top of it and helps it be absorbed deeper into the skin to increase its effectiveness. The serum is suitable for every woman of the 20th generation and is the best skin care product.
Types of serums
These days you find many types of serums. The serum can be used several times a day and nourish the skin with different substances according to its need. To ensure the benefits of the serum, it is important to fit each additional cream serum that accompanies it. Not every cream fits the serum you use, you should consult an expert at the point of sale.
Serum for dry skin
This serum is for skin that needs additional hydration. The serum penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and takes with it a moisturizing cream. The serum also helps to regenerate skin cells and remove dead skin cells. The use of this special serum gives the skin the protection it needs and contributes to the production of hydration in the skin.
Serum for oily skin
Owners of oily skin have shiny and oily skin. The use of this serum reduces the secretion of fat into the outer layer of the skin. The serum contains small active molecules that absorb fat and prevent it from coming out on the surface of the skin. In addition, it contains antiseptic substances useful for preventing the appearance of pimples and pollution in the skin.
The primer acts as a foundation for makeup, greatly improving the texture of the skin and the durability of makeup, and in recent years has emerged in the world of makeup and beauty as a necessary product due to its rejuvenation and usefulness. Many women refrain from using the primer, believing it to be an excessive step in makeup that prolongs the process and adds another heavy layer to the skin. But those who have tried it once will realize that we are talking here about an important necessary product and that the primer can change and improve the overall appearance of the face. “Today everyone knows that our face also needs a foundation layer that gives it a smooth, healthy, shine-free and homogeneous look, all before the start of the makeup and skincare process. To prepare your face for perfect makeup, you need a secret magic compound that works for your skin easily, usefully and quickly.” Maayan added. The primer is undoubtedly the magic compound and is the solution.
How to use the primer
Take a small amount of primer to your fingertips. Massage the primer in a circular motion from the center of the face outwards, focus on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). Because the extracted center, you don’t need to use a large amount of them.
Here are some tips for using serum and primer:
1. For the owner of dry skin who can not apply rich types of cream on the Face – Serum is the ideal solution. Visit the food without being heavy on the skin and can be combined with any moisturizing cream to enhance its impact.
2. Each use of a serum concierge, better affects the skin and for longer
1. No need for a lot of primer for a great result. Focus on the T-zone.
2. The primer is the first pre-make-up lotion applied on top of the moisturizing cream. Give each lotion a few minutes for the skin to absorb and then add the next.
3. Also when you don’t want to put make-up, primer improves the appearance of the skin without any effort
4. The primer fills small and large wrinkles, so it helps the foundation (makeup) to be smooth on the face. The result smoothes, refreshes and luster even with a fine layer of foundation.