Beware of the effects of body toxins on the skin


In this article, we will link the devices that work to rid the body of toxins (liver, kidneys, lymph glands) and their relationship to the skin, in order to make women aware of the need to pay attention to any change in the skin.

We depend on our liver and kidneys to get rid of toxins from our bodies, if the liver function is disrupted in any way, then our bodies will find another way to get rid of toxins. On the other hand, our skin plays a role in removing toxins. If the liver does not function well, the toxins that are slowly released through the skin can build up and cause skin problems.

The lymph glands are responsible for getting rid of toxins as well, and they are very close to the skin, so any defect in them swells and may red in some cases, and may fail to perform their task and give several signals that are also reflected on the skin, including sensitivity and itching.

As for the kidneys, they are responsible for purifying the blood, and if you do not provide it with an adequate amount of clean and drinkable water, its role will diminish and will not be based on ridding the body and blood of toxins, and this is reflected in your skin, where it looks yellowish and lacks luster in addition to dehydration of course.

These problems can include dermatitis, premature wrinkles, itchy red rashes, hives, rosacea acne, eczema, brown spots on the liver, and a painful rash that may develop into sores and psoriasis. This list may sound long and confusing, but any of these developments could indicate that the liver is not working as well as it should. You may need to eliminate toxins from your diet, limit alcohol and processed foods and eat more raw foods and whole foods.

And we wanted in this article to emphasize the connection of a healthy body with healthy skin, so if you suffer from any of the problems that we discussed in your skin and you do not find any reason for it, then you need to do comprehensive medical examinations and make sure that your body is working properly.

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