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The beauty secrets that the baking powder holds for you!

Who do you think baking powder or “baking powder” ends up in the kitchen is wrong! This food has proven its many beauty benefits for the skin and teeth. Here are some of these benefits that may surprise you:


1- Teeth whitening: a method that fashion models always use before photo sessions is to brush their teeth using a mixture of baking powder and strawberries. Mix a little of it with strawberry juice and water until you have a thick paste, then brush your teeth with it, and you will immediately notice that the teeth have become whiter.

2- Moisturizing the skin: Get rid of severe dryness of hands, elbows and knees with baking powder. Mix ¾ of the can with ¼ cup of water and mix until a thick paste is formed, then massage it on the dry areas with upward circular motions.


3- Skin whitening: “Baking powder” is an excellent skin bleaching substance, use it to whiten elbows, knees, armpits, and any place where you suffer from blackness or tan, and follow the same method mentioned in the second benefit.


4- Removing bad odors: It is excellent for use as a deodorant, as it removes unpleasant odors and protects the skin from its secretion. It also does not lead to blackening of the armpits like regular deodorants that contain many harmful chemicals.


5- Pamper your feet: Put two tablespoons of baking powder with one tablespoon of salt in a basin of hot water, then put your feet in it for 15-20 minutes. After you are done, you can exfoliate your legs with the mixture, which will give you instant smoothness in addition to removing dirt.


6- Wash your face with it: Washing your face with a little baking powder is an excellent way to get rid of dead cells and rejuvenate the skin, in addition to removing makeup residues that you may not see with your eyes.


7- Useful for nails: To clean your fingers and nails, put a little “baking powder” on the nail brush and exfoliate the nails and the skin around them, and you will get clean nails and smoother skin.


8- Bath time: Put half a cup of “baking powder” in the panium and enjoy a bath, after which you will get smoother and more hydrated skin.

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