Natural recipes and tricks for bigger lips!

When we see stars like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie we know that they are all beautiful, but most importantly, they have beautiful plump lips!

You may be in constant search for ways to enlarge the lips if you have thin lips, here are a set of ways and tricks that will help to show your lips more plump without resorting to a needle!

Make-up: One of the quickest ways to get fuller lips is by applying highlighter to the middle of the upper lip line or defining it with a white or nude kohl pencil. Upon application, blend gently, then define the lower lip with a brown kohl pencil. This trick makes lips look like they have a shadow.

Another make-up trick is by applying lip gloss in the middle of the upper and lower lip, the gloss reflects the light off the lips, giving them a more plump appearance.

Home recipes: If you are a fan of natural mixtures, there are a number of natural ingredients that act as a natural lip enlarger when mixed together.

Cayenne pepper is a very hot and effective home remedy for getting plump lips. Mix a small amount of it with water to form a thin paste, apply it on your lips and leave it for about ten minutes, avoiding moving your tongue on the sides of the outer lips.

Also try peppermint oil, it causes swelling and makes the lips appear fuller, while cinnamon oil is best used in combination with another ingredient because it can be irritating to the lips when used alone.

Honey is a partner for spice and is a natural amplifier, so mix it together and leave it on the lips for five minutes. Exercises: Finally, and as a funny option, there are some exercises you can try to stimulate collagen and natural fullness. Whistling helps the lip muscles to become active, which increases their volume, making them look attractive and plump. Or try kissing the air vigorously for two seconds, repeating it 10 times a day.

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