Four important facts about eating “chips”  

Four important facts about eating “chips”


* Chips manufacturing companies are working to launch products that motivate a person to become addicted to eating them in several ways, including the presence of high levels of starches and refined carbohydrates in chips, which can change glucose and insulin levels in the blood, which leads to increased hunger and the desire to eat larger quantities.


* Eating chips in excess is harmful to the fetus, as does the mother’s smoking, due to the presence of the toxic chemical acrylamide.


The association of eating chips with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders.

* Scientists confirmed that their efforts to spread the culture of healthy eating and to stay away from the addiction of chips, especially among children, always end in failure, due to the large number of advertisements of attractive chips in attractive colors and the cooperation of popular celebrities in advertising and promoting the products of major chips companies.

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