Tested, approved! One who drinks a spoon suddenly becomes 20 years younger

Foods that rejuvenate metabolism contain collagen. You will observe the difference when the foods that protect skin, hair and nail health are consumed regularly. So which foods make you beautiful? Here is the answer…


We have compiled for you the nutrients that tighten the skin, lengthen the hair and strengthen the nails. These foods contain a lot of collagen. Bone broth, propolis are a few of them… Here are the details…


Collagen deficiency, which is very important for skin, hair and nail health, is immediately noticed. Collagen helps hair grow strong and healthy. It nourishes the hair roots and stops shedding. It repairs the skin and makes the skin barrier strong. It prevents the skin from wrinkling and sagging at an early age.


When you consume foods that increase collagen regularly, you will nourish your skin from the inside and your skin will become more resistant. Generally, you can supply collagen with supplements from the outside. However, some foods help increase collagen production thanks to the vitamins and minerals they contain.



It is possible to obtain collagen, which is naturally found in the skin and skin, nails, hair, cartilage and muscle tissues in the body, from foods naturally. In researches, scientists have also revealed that some foods support collagen production. Let’s take a look at these foods that infuse collagen into the body.


NATURAL WAYS TO INCREASE COLLAGENConsuming bone broth increases the amount of collagen in the body.


Using sunscreen helps protect the collagen in the body.


Hyaluronic acid in the skin structure plays an important role in the production of collagen.


Vitamin C can be used for the production of collagen in the skin.


When the daily amount of fluid is met, the collagen in the body is preserved.

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