Terms you may see on the foundation cream and the meaning of each one


If you are someone who reads all the details and information on your cosmetic products, then you have definitely been alerted by the terms that are used to describe them. Matte, Mousse, and Sheer did not write about the foundation cream, but rather there is a specific connotation for each one to make it easier for you to choose the right foundation for you. Here is the meaning of each of these phrases.

The meaning of the terms that you may see on the foundation cream

1- Dewy: gives you a luminous complexion, as if you moisturized your face well, but without your skin looking greasy. Suitable for dry skin.

2- Matte: gives smooth, smooth surface without any shine. Suitable for normal and oily skin, but make sure to moisturize the face well before applying it.

3- Tinted Moisturizers: Ideal for adding some color and vitality to your skin. Two products in one, it moisturizes and tones the face at the same time. Suitable for dry skin that needs a lot of coverage.

4- Mousse: a mixture of cream and powder, gives an even, semi-matte finish. It is recommended for women with combination or oily skin.

5- Oil Free: Suitable for oily skin, its formula absorbs oils.

6- Shimmery: brightens the face and is suitable for evening looks, especially if you have a dark complexion.

7- Sheer: suitable for women with normal to dry skin. Lightweight and translucent, it can be stretched over the face with ease to relieve uneven skin tone without leaving any cracks or lumps. It does not cover imperfections, but it is also suitable for elderly women as it does not increase the sharpness of wrinkles.

8- Light Coverage: a light formula that covers the face with a light layer and a natural and soft look.

Medium Coverage -9: Evens skin tone and covers pigmentation.

Full Coverage -10: A dense formula that covers all blemishes. If you read the word Corrective or Paramedical, this means that the product covers all facial blemishes.

You may sometimes find alternative words to these terms to describe the product, but the explanation on the back is enough to give you the answer to your questions.

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