The strangest causes of heart disease

Heart disease has recently become the first cause of death in many countries of the world and the Arab world, so heart disease has been classified as one of the most dangerous diseases that affect humans due to the serious complications it causes, the most dangerous of which is sudden death.



The causes that lead to heart disease are many and varied. Either a person may develop heart disease as a result of other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, or other factors and causes may cause him to develop the disease. The causes of heart disease are known to most people, but There are other factors that lead to heart disease that may be surprising to know because most do not know them.



1 – Lack of movement:


Everyone knows that lack of movement is wrong if you want to get fit or have a graceful body, but did you know that lack of movement in the long term causes heart disease?






With the development of life in recent times, everyone has become dependent on cars, even for simple trips, and there are many jobs that have become dependent on sitting for long periods without making any physical effort, which in the long run causes heart disease, such as increased fat on the heart and hardening of the arteries. The solution is to try to make a physical effort, even if simple, on a daily basis, to increase the activity of the heart.

Sleep disorders:


Scientific studies have shown that people who suffer from sleep disorders and do not sleep enough are more likely to develop heart disease, specifically heart attacks. On the health of the heart, and the solution is to sleep regularly and try to relax without thinking about the responsibilities and obligations that keep the mind alert all the time.



3 – Psychological stress:


People who suffer from constant stress and acute psychological stress fall prey to heart disease, as continuous psychological stress leads to high blood pressure, which results in heart disease, and people who experience many emotions and suffer from anxiety and tension put themselves at risk of heart attacks. , sudden death, and the solution recommended by cardiologists is to avoid stress and stay away from it as much as possible.



4- Health of the gums and teeth:


Cardiologists have recently discovered that diseases of the gums and teeth affect the heart greatly, as people with gum and teeth diseases not only stop bacteria and microbes in the mouth, but also spread throughout the body until they reach the heart through the blood. These microbes infect the heart with serious diseases, such as these microbes and bacteria reaching the heart valves and arteries, and they have serious complications, so dental hygiene has become an indispensable necessity not only for dental health, but even for heart health as well.

5 – Vitamin D deficiency: Doctors say that people who suffer from a deficiency in vitamin D are more likely to develop heart diseases than others, as a lack of vitamin D may result in serious heart attacks, and to increase vitamin D, the patient must consult a specialist doctor, to determine what He needs it.



6 – Continuous stress: People who suffer from constant stress in their work expose themselves to heart attacks and strokes, as physical and mental stress has a negative effect on heart health, and the solution recommended by doctors is to try to create a good psychological state from time to time to avoid stress as much as possible. As much as possible, and this comes by avoiding stress for a while, even if it is simple. The important thing is that there is a break between stress.

Eating fish regularly able to combat Alzheimer’s  

Eating fish regularly, especially fatty fish, is able to combat Alzheimer’s


An American study revealed that eating fish regularly reduces brain deterioration and Alzheimer’s disease. The British newspaper Daily Express, quoting a study prepared by the University of South Dakota, reported that eating fish once or twice a week resists cognitive decline.

The study showed that eating fish in moderation enhances brain function because it strengthens its blood flow. She added that fatty fish in particular such as salmon, mackerel and sardines are able to combat Alzheimer’s.



The scientists pointed out that this study confirms that food and diet play an effective role in improving the brain for a longer period of life. They stated that fatty fish is rich in omega-3, which breaks down stray proteins that try to destroy memory and thinking.

Scientists emphasized that this study is also important because it shows the link between low omega-3 levels and lack of blood flow in areas of the brain that are essential for learning, memory, depression and aging. By conducting a survey on 166 volunteers in this study, the link between omega-3 levels and indicators of good mental skills was revealed in 128 areas of the brain, and the best results appeared for those who consumed high amounts of omega-3 in learning and memory areas, which are the first areas affected by aging

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Throughout his evolution, mankind has transformed much more active periods into a life that requires less movement thanks to the inventions he invented using his intelligence. While this shows that the evolution of his intelligence continues positively, we cannot say the same for his body. Muscles, joints and nerves, which were used both for hunting and for escaping from wild animals in the early days of humanity, became atrophied and used less and less as a result of the less active but more comfortable life that started with the invention of the wheel, and they got stuck in an environment contrary to its nature in an increasingly unfavorable evolution process.



The people of our age are deliberately victims of many skeletal and joint diseases because of getting up in the morning and getting ready, going to the workplace and sitting in front of the computer until the evening.



The solution is to exercise regularly every day. You have to give your body its freedom back. When you wake up in the morning, after drinking a glass of cold water and taking a deep breath, going out and doing sports with friends in the fresh air or meeting the rest of the day by completing certain movements in a discipline while starting the day at home improves not only your body, but also your psychology and social side.

Getting rid of low back pain, lumbar hernia, neck pain, neck hernia easily is the benefit of regular sports every day. Irregularity in the intestines, lubrication in all internal organs, especially the liver, accumulation of toxic substances in the vessels and vascular occlusion, cardiovascular diseases, all diseases related to the joints are minor problems that you can easily prevent with daily sports activities, while people spend money, time and more to heal these problems. wasting their health. The most valuable benefit of having strong heart muscles is that it allows you to survive the possibility of having a heart attack one day.



Regular exercise reduces your risk of diabetes. It solves your constipation problem.



It will help you quit smoking. It protects the body from cancer, especially prostate, breast and bowel cancer. It makes the immune system work well.



The benefits of regular sports are endless, regular sports increase your lung capacity, increase the ability of oxygen to pass from the lungs to the blood, as a result, the cells are filled with oxygen. The benefit of oxygen is like airing the house. It cleans all cells. Sports increase the rate of oxygen in the blood, which prevents vascular occlusion. Our lungs, which develop thanks to sports, protect us more easily from upper respiratory tract infections.



The brain’s release of endorphins is also a benefit of regular exercise. Moving your body more often increases your release of endorphins, which controls the happiness hormone. Endorphins also provide positive thinking and intelligence development.



Everyday sports will also work as a method of establishing social relations when it is not done alone, but with a group. It provides control of emotions. It reveals positive emotions and makes it constructive in social relationships.

We see the benefits of regular exercise in the heart as well. The heart pumps 5 to 5.5 liters of blood to our body with each beat. With the heart muscles strengthened by regular exercise, this beat can be made more easily. It can increase the amount of blood pumped.



Regular exercise improves one’s positive aspects and positive perspectives. You wouldn’t be the anxious type or someone delusional. You can learn how to avoid and get rid of stress and even manage stress through regular exercise. You do not get depressed or if you are depressed, it makes it easy for you to get over it.



Regular sports also reduce the risk of obesity and obesity, which are the biggest dangers of our age. As impossible as it seems to us in ancient times for an obese caveman to try to escape from a mammoth, people of this age should not accept being obese.



One of the benefits of regular sports is the elimination of diseases. Sports combined with correct breathing techniques and regular nutrition are a major factor in having a more resistant body against diseases.



We can confidently say that our ancestors did not do it because of the need to exercise regularly and because I had to move every day in a certain discipline, whereas until today, our changing cells allow us to do sports for only one hour a day. Let’s also mention that making daily sports activities a habit will help you reduce your troubles, cheer up and enjoy life






the secret between lack of sleep and the ability to focus

American scientists confirmed that a mutation in one of the genes allows some people to regain their activity and get enough rest without the need for long hours of sleep.


Most people need at least six hours of continuous sleep to restore their activity and ability to focus, but US researchers discovered the existence of a “genetic variable” in some people that makes little sleep enough to restore their activity and carry out their daily duties.


According to the study conducted by researchers at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia on 100 pairs of twins, and its results were published in the scientific journal “Sleep”, it was found that the twins who carry a copy of this variable gene “BHLHE41” averaged about 5 hours of sleep at night only, i.e. less About an hour ahead of their peers who do not carry this genetic variant.


The researchers confirmed that the twins who had this genetic variant “BHLHE41” missed 40% less in the concentration test, after depriving them of 38 hours of sleep, and they needed only 8 hours to recover full activity after completing the experiment, while their peers who did not carry this variant. Genie to 9.5 hours to recover.


Scientists found that the genetic variant does not give its owner a different quality of sleep, but rather helps regulate the internal biological clock, so that its number decreases to reach a quality of sleep that gives better memory and better recovery of physical and mental activity. According to Prof. Professor “Timothy Morgenthiral,” President of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the need for sleep is linked to a biological factor and is not subject to the personal desire of the individual.

How can hair loss be treated?

Hair is an important aesthetic element in the outward appearance of all people. Keeping it healthy and strong depends on various factors such as age, genetics or nutrition. What is the ideal way to protect hair from falling out?


Hair loss is a common problem, with nearly 80 percent of men and half of women experiencing hair loss during their lifetime. Studies have shown that hair, like the rest of the body, needs many vitamins and nutrients in order to grow in good health and appear healthy and vibrant.


And when we cannot obtain the important components of hair in food daily, or the body’s consumption is much greater than the needs in certain cases, it is better to turn to nutritional supplements.


Hair loss can occur for many reasons, including genetics, aging, autoimmune diseases, hormonal changes, and stress. Also, some common types of hair loss include androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, and telogen effluvium caused by exposure to a traumatic event, great stress and stress, or the use of certain medications. According to what was published by the American (Medical News Today) website.


Healthy food for healthy hair


The body needs a lot of energy to make hair grow healthy and strong. Thus, not eating a balanced diet affects hair growth and its nature. For this reason, it is better to get vitamins and nutrients and follow a healthy diet that includes the vitamins and proteins needed for hair growth, such as eggs, fatty fish, prawns, various types of berries, avocados, citrus fruits, and others.

Signs of vitamin D deficiency in the body

Vitamin D is one of the fat-soluble vitamins and is also called the sunshine vitamin, as the body manufactures it when exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun, and sunlight is the most important factor in the manufacture of vitamin D in the body through the skin.

Dr. Olesya Savelyeva revealed that rapid fatigue and brittle nails indicate a lack of vitamin D in the body.

She pointed out that vitamin D contributes to many important processes taking place in the body, and is responsible for mood stability and good health.

She explained: “Vitamin D is an essential fat-soluble secosteroid (chemical compound) that can be produced in the body when exposed to sunlight or with foods. This vitamin is responsible for regulating the metabolism of minerals in the body and supporting the immune system, and is necessary for the growth and health of bones and the functioning of the heart. And blood vessels and to reduce inflammation as well as for the functioning of the thyroid gland and normal blood clotting.It also provides mood stability and a good state of health, “according to Russia Today.

She added: “Fatigue, depression, a weak immune system, weight gain, brittle nails and hair, excessive sweating, muscle weakness, sleep disturbances, rapid fatigue and mood swings are all signs indicating a lack of vitamin D in the body.”

And the doctor indicated that the body gets vitamin D with the foods and supplements that the person eats. The body also produces it when exposed to sunlight, as 15-30 minutes are sufficient to produce the body’s daily need of it.

Sources of Vitamin D

And she adds, “The most important sources of vitamin D are dairy products, mushrooms, fatty fish, and egg yolks. When you need to compensate for its deficiency, you must first consult a doctor who determines the appropriate dose of it.”

Trapped viruses within a new strategy for the vaccine industry

Trapped viruses within a new strategy for the vaccine industry




Chinese scientists create a vaccine that contains the live virus in a protective water gel in order to activate the body’s immune response quickly, safely and effectively without side effects and safety problems.




Promising technology for health protection


BEIJING – Chinese scientists have devised a new strategy for making vaccines that avoids the disadvantages and side effects of inactivated virus technology.



Inactivated vaccines contain a killed form of the pathogen, to help the immune system trigger a response without causing disease.



The manufacture of vaccines with a whole virus raises concerns about reducing immunity and raises questions about safety.



This method also requires time-consuming production processes, which hinders its widespread application.



Recently, the risks of new viral outbreaks have led to an urgent need for safe and effective ready-to-use vaccines.



The strategy involves trapping the live virus in a protective hydrogel in order to quickly, safely, and effectively activate the body’s immune response.



Researchers from Zhejiang University and the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology demonstrated an experimental vaccine consisting of live, wild-type Zika virus, a mosquito-borne single-stranded RNA virus, Xinhua reported.



They prevent the escape of viral particles via electrostatic interaction but allow the passage of immune cells



The researchers trapped the virus in a water gel using chitosan scaffolds, which can prevent the escape of viral particles through electrostatic interaction but allow the passage of immune cells.



The vaccine, injected under the skin of mice, was shown to activate normal immune responses, resulting in effective humoral and cellular immunity, thus protecting the rodents against deadly Zika infection, according to the study, which was published in the latest issue of the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering.



This study shows that virulent virus strains can be directly converted into vaccines by engineering virus-trapping microenvironments.



The study represents a promising strategy for protecting health against emerging infectious diseases, the researchers said.