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Benefits of Regular Exercise

Throughout his evolution, mankind has transformed much more active periods into a life that requires less movement thanks to the inventions he invented using his intelligence. While this shows that the evolution of his intelligence continues positively, we cannot say the same for his body. Muscles, joints and nerves, which were used both for hunting and for escaping from wild animals in the early days of humanity, became atrophied and used less and less as a result of the less active but more comfortable life that started with the invention of the wheel, and they got stuck in an environment contrary to its nature in an increasingly unfavorable evolution process.



The people of our age are deliberately victims of many skeletal and joint diseases because of getting up in the morning and getting ready, going to the workplace and sitting in front of the computer until the evening.



The solution is to exercise regularly every day. You have to give your body its freedom back. When you wake up in the morning, after drinking a glass of cold water and taking a deep breath, going out and doing sports with friends in the fresh air or meeting the rest of the day by completing certain movements in a discipline while starting the day at home improves not only your body, but also your psychology and social side.

Getting rid of low back pain, lumbar hernia, neck pain, neck hernia easily is the benefit of regular sports every day. Irregularity in the intestines, lubrication in all internal organs, especially the liver, accumulation of toxic substances in the vessels and vascular occlusion, cardiovascular diseases, all diseases related to the joints are minor problems that you can easily prevent with daily sports activities, while people spend money, time and more to heal these problems. wasting their health. The most valuable benefit of having strong heart muscles is that it allows you to survive the possibility of having a heart attack one day.



Regular exercise reduces your risk of diabetes. It solves your constipation problem.



It will help you quit smoking. It protects the body from cancer, especially prostate, breast and bowel cancer. It makes the immune system work well.



The benefits of regular sports are endless, regular sports increase your lung capacity, increase the ability of oxygen to pass from the lungs to the blood, as a result, the cells are filled with oxygen. The benefit of oxygen is like airing the house. It cleans all cells. Sports increase the rate of oxygen in the blood, which prevents vascular occlusion. Our lungs, which develop thanks to sports, protect us more easily from upper respiratory tract infections.



The brain’s release of endorphins is also a benefit of regular exercise. Moving your body more often increases your release of endorphins, which controls the happiness hormone. Endorphins also provide positive thinking and intelligence development.



Everyday sports will also work as a method of establishing social relations when it is not done alone, but with a group. It provides control of emotions. It reveals positive emotions and makes it constructive in social relationships.

We see the benefits of regular exercise in the heart as well. The heart pumps 5 to 5.5 liters of blood to our body with each beat. With the heart muscles strengthened by regular exercise, this beat can be made more easily. It can increase the amount of blood pumped.



Regular exercise improves one’s positive aspects and positive perspectives. You wouldn’t be the anxious type or someone delusional. You can learn how to avoid and get rid of stress and even manage stress through regular exercise. You do not get depressed or if you are depressed, it makes it easy for you to get over it.



Regular sports also reduce the risk of obesity and obesity, which are the biggest dangers of our age. As impossible as it seems to us in ancient times for an obese caveman to try to escape from a mammoth, people of this age should not accept being obese.



One of the benefits of regular sports is the elimination of diseases. Sports combined with correct breathing techniques and regular nutrition are a major factor in having a more resistant body against diseases.



We can confidently say that our ancestors did not do it because of the need to exercise regularly and because I had to move every day in a certain discipline, whereas until today, our changing cells allow us to do sports for only one hour a day. Let’s also mention that making daily sports activities a habit will help you reduce your troubles, cheer up and enjoy life






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